Dietary Supplements Legislation in India

Dietary supplements are now explicitly regulated in DSHEA-like fashion in India.

The dietary supplements regulation was reported in Indian Food Bill with supplements category becomes law.

"The Indian Food Safety and Standards Bill 2005 has been signed into law, promising a significant impact on the Indian dietary supplement industry, and opening up a potential market of one billion people for dietary supplement companies throughout the world.

The bill was proposed in 2005 and essentially creates a third category in India for "Dietary Supplements / Nutraceuticals / Functional Foods / Foods for special dietary application." It has not been established yet however which government ministry - the Ministry of Health or the Ministry of Food Processing Industry - will be responsible for governing the act.

Although the Ministry of Health is expected to have some involvement in governing the new regulation, it appears likely that the Ministry of Food Processing Industry will stake a claim to regulate it.

The Ministry of Health is set to issue official notification regarding the new rule so that all those manufacturers who are currently manufacturing these products under food licenses under the Prevention of Food Adulteration Act, will be able to apply for fresh licenses under the new rule. The companies will not be under the threat of revoking their current license.

Although foreign companies can already export products to India, there will be greater opportunities for marketing tie-ups with Indian companies, said the trade association INHADSA, and a greater array of products available for Indian consumers.

What is more, the new rule should boost the level of science behind products, with manufacturers encouraged to do product R&D/new product development, develop reliable testing protocols, carry out clinical studies and establish structure-function claims based on these studies."