Market America, Inc. designing vitamins to help with autism

Market America, Inc. (what a great name) is focusing on nutritional supplementation designed for children.

Market America announced that it is in the development and testing stages of a new line of nutraceutical products that will support the health of children with autism and related neurodevelopmental challenges. Specialized laboratory testing often demonstrates sub-optimal levels of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and fatty acids in people with autism, which can be addressed with nutritional supplements. Despite these findings, Market America found in its research that parents and health professionals alike are frustrated with the limited nutritional products available in the marketplace.

The announcement follows a conference held with prominent doctors who specialize in areas related to autism at Market America's Greensboro headquarters. The doctors in attendance were Dr. Emi Hosada; an Internist in Washington State, Dr. Jim Sensenig; prominent naturopathic physician and founding president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, Dr. Susan Beltz; a neuroscientist and clinical scientist and founder of the Mont Black Academy in Hook Set, NH which specializes in educating and treating children with ADHD, Metabolic Disorders and Learning Disabilities, and Dr. Anne Hines; a family and Defeat Autism Now (DAN) physician in Winston-Salem, NC.

Market America is working in conjunction with these doctors to develop a regimen of nutraceutical products that will promote a high quality of life for those living with autism. "It is simply mind-blowing and disheartening when you read the statistics about children afflicted with autism," said Marty Weissman, executive vice president of Market America. "One out of every 150 children is diagnosed with autism and 67 new children are diagnosed per day. As a company founded on science based products, it is time that we use our expertise to support the health of these children."

The conference was held to identify areas that are lacking in autism therapy and how Market America could develop products that meet the special needs of these children. "The consensus among the panel of experts was that children with autism need nutritional supplementation that is complete and easy to take," Said Dr. Julian Blumenfeld, Chief Medical Officer at Market America. "Current products on the market are not complete and do not enhance patient compliance. With our advanced Isotonix® delivery system we can offer nutritional supplementation designed for children that is easy to taste and tolerate. Enhancing compliance is critical for the efficacy of children's supplementation and will make the parents lives so much easier."

About Market America, Inc.

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