A Patient's Experience of Health Care

Read The Integrator Blog for an account of my friend's recent experience of hospital care.

John Weeks writes among other things of nutrition in the hospital following surgery:

"Is it time go from IV hydration to the "Full Liquid Diet"? Campbells soups. Jellos. Sugary custards and puddings. Do we really want to promote coffee drinking, Pepsi, espresso shakes and milkshakes in those moments of a person's healing? I chose what seemed to be most promising, a "Fruit Smoothie of the Day". How could I have imagined there would be real fruit involved? Some cherry sugary syrup whipped with ice. Time to go from liquid to the full diet? Lasagna, pizzas, nachos and cheeseburgers. To be fair, there was a salad or two. Think iceberg lettuce and raddish slivers. It is long past time that hospitals use their engagement with patients to promote the eating of decent healthy foods, to let them know about choices that may be better and easier for all aspects of their healing processes, and for digestion."

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