A Window on Hollywood - Casino Royale/James Bond 2006

It's been fun living near the James Bond set and hanging out with crew and cast on our sleepy Nassau beach.

The first few weeks we got to see the abandoned hotel--where Defense Forces used to train--turned into "Madagascar." We'd walk Ooj on the beach and watch these tin shanties being put up, he'd sniff around and then the crew would come in and get to work. Soon "Madagascar" will be taken down and we'll be left with our original beachfront.

The best, though, was spending 2 days as an extra on the Albany House set (MI-6 headquarters, behind the famous "pink wall") with fellow "MI-6" agents (mostly Swiss bankers employed here on the island). I spent a good afternoon on the set in a white forensics outfit examining a crime scene involving one of Bond's girlfriends. We had local police experts to guide us -- to them the scene was unfortunately all too real, though we spent a lot of downtime bonding while waiting for the camera, lighting, placement of background action, and other details to be put in place.

Here's an image of the director in action.casinoroyalesetvisit6.jpg We're all looking forward to the 11/17/06 release date for our "MI-6" reunion.