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Law School.Org brings law school information to prospective attorneys

A new site called Law brings news about law schools to prospective attorneys.

This is just a vast site, with content on everything from law schools to legal careers to legal education to education law to various topics in law practice.

For example, a recent article on e-commerce law states:

With the way technology is constantly and rapidly changing it is no surprise that e-commerce has become one of the main avenues businesses utilize to make transactions and communicate on a daily basis. For those of you who don't know e-commerce is the means by which these business transactions are conducted online. To conduct e-commerce you should determine whether or not your business is able to conduct these type of transactions. First, the information technology of the business should be assessed. If your company is not capable of presenting information, by either lacking the software or skills to present the necessary information on the web, e-commerce will not be successful. The next step should be to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the e-commerce and see if it is a worthwhile endeavor for your company to engage in.

The next thing to consider in regard to online business is the amount of time and money your company is willing and able to invest in this related activity. A good tool to utilize is a simple S.W.O.T. analysis of the opportunity at hand. By listing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunites and threats, you would be able to make a more educated and factual based decision that will benefit your business in the long run.

Finally consider your market. Without developing or planning a marketing plan in any business would be unwise, especially with regard to e-commerce. E-commerce can be a useful tool for your business but without identifying, developing and preparing the market for your e-commerce and business transactions you will not be as successful in your endeavors. Creating and identifying any problems that may arise during this activity is also a good practice to keep in mind while conducting e-commerce because it will enable you to move forward with your business smoothly since you are already equiped with a plan to deal with any problems that are encountered.

There is a phenomenal amount of content on law and the site is well worth noting.

Michael H. Cohen is a attorney providing business legal advice to entrepreneurs and companies, and health care law advice to businesses and clinicians in the holistic health, wellness, and green industries.

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