Links for doctors, counselors and lawyers

New organizations are promoting directors of doctors, counselors and lawyers online.

This just in:

Our organizations and are a cutting edge Telemedicine portal that my company has designed and implemented. It allows Licensed medical professionals to create a profile on the sites as well as utilize the talk live button, all for free. Once the button is pressed the user enters their contact number and the site calls their phone as well as the doctors cell phone number. The doctor can stipulate a rate or give free consultation. None of the doctors on the site are under contract to, We are just a virtual office that they can use. All doctors on the site were called and their licenses were all verified through our screening process. works using our international server cluster that took three years to set up all around the world. Anyone from any country can use the site. We are a member of the ATA as well as the only site of its kind. Any new visitor gets five free minutes with any doctor they choose. The sites will also have a national television campaign starting in September.

Check it out.