Online day trading in an uncertain market

Beware the promises of online day trading vendors: in an uncertain market, strong risk management controls are necessary. Today was a case in point, the culmination of many days of a market that can't seem to make up its mind.

Is the subprime debacle going to tank the banking sector, or more broadly the U.S. economy?

Or do falling stock prices in the sector mean there are cheap buys out there?

Or are the longs simply the short sellers being squeezed and covering?

Reading the business pages is like getting advice from someone hedging their bets. On the one hand, it is bearish, on the other bullish. Or as we used to joke in law school, the one hand giveth, the other taketh away. The advice and analysis is internally inconsistent, giving mixed signals and utterly confusing, if not ultimately meaningless. That is when one reads the news from a trader's perspective.

Today was a difficult trading day, no doubt, but it was gratifying to read in Sunday's New York Times about the Japanese housewives who have made so much money trading currencies on the sly, at home. On one hand the invisible work has created opportunity for profit-making while playing the dutiful role, the article reported. And online trading makes up a huge portion of the currency market, apparently. But at the same time, some who rang up huge profits also crashed along with the Yen market. In other words, they made money as long as the market went one way and when it changed, they could not or would not read the signals.

Risk management was lacking.

In a sense it's easy to make money in a bull market. Just place all your bets long. But when the market goes two bars up and one down, or two down and one up, in any time frame, and all the time frames are misaligned, or when you a used to a bear market and one day all the old assumptions are out the door, now that takes flexibility. No wonder one trading book I am reading compares day trading to the Japanese samurai code. One must be prepared to face the full extent of the risk at all times. That is why risk management is so important.

So even though today was a challenging day, whether it involved profit or loss it brought a great teaching. It is true that reward is proportionate to risk; it is also true that knowing, and accepting, all of the risk is a key to the kind of yogic or samurai detachment in the battlefield between the bulls and the bears.

And that can only be learned by experience.
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