Take a quantum shift into greatness

Coffee house coach, author, and entrepreneur Arthur J. Tassinello shows you how to take a quantum shift into your own greatness.

Writes Arthur:

Quantum Shift Into Greatness


I wrote this book because it was important to share with you my studies and experiences of how the universe works and supports you in having almost anything you want for yourself and for others through your intention, attention and energy.


    The information in QSIG is about the “Universal Laws,” which exist and direct everything.  Whether you have knowledge of these laws or not, and agree with them or not, these laws are operating all the time.  Regardless of your beliefs about the universe being created by design or by chance the things you have at this moment are because of how you think.


    Recognizing, understanding and working within these laws will help you with improving your health, developing better relationships, earning more money, increasing your spiritual awareness, and understanding your true purpose.  In addition you will learn, “How you will facilitate making our planet a better place to live,” and “How you will have harmony and happiness in everything you do, everyday.”


    Unknowingly you have created boundaries and mental structures that separate you from achieving happiness and success and knowing your true self.  You have removed yourself from the light by living in a prison of fear and doubt.  It’s that place where you believe you have limits, specifically limits on who you are and who you can be.


    While you may get some consolation and assurances that all will be well by going to mediums, psychics, astrologists, or others to see into the future, it will not change you or your circumstances, and wishing for a better life it is not the answer either.  The answer lies within you and connecting to your source.


    Although you may not aspire or strive to be President or someone famous, you have a passion or a desire to be more than you are today.  You want to do something different and more fulfilling and attain being as great as you know you want to be and can be.  All of this is waiting for you once you understand how to use the knowledge, power and energy of our universe, which resides in you.  


   Ever ask yourself, Why am I here?  What am I supposed to be doing?  Why can’t I find lasting happiness?  What must I do to have a better life or job?  How can I make more money?  When will my life ever get better?  How or when will I find my soul mate?


   QSIG will provide answers to many of life's questions and how you can find your passion, and live a healthy, happy and prosperous life.  What is essential is that your thoughts, feelings and actions align in using this universal energy force and the power that resides in you by being dedicated to doing the work.  The cost if you don’t use them is a roller-coaster like life filled with angst, sadness and unfulfilled dreams.  As they say, “Continuing to do the same things, over and over again, and expecting a different result is a form of insanity.”


    The wisdom and knowledge in QSIG has been synthesized for you, by reading thousands of pages of information from ancient texts and modern publications from saints, sages, spiritual teachers, scientists and luminaries, on subjects from science and psychology through spirituality, and as well from my personal life's experiences. What is recommended is not magic, voodoo or some mystical technique that you practice to transcend this earthly plain and you do not have to join a club, or give up all your worldly possessions to receive these rewards.


    So make this promise to yourself right now; that you will take action today and read QSIG.  I promise, if you do the work, it will change your life and you won’t have to look back at a life filled with regrets.


    I look forward to hearing your personal story of growth, enlightenment and success.




Arthur James Tassinello


Writes Arthur in his bio:


Hi, I’m Arthur and my goal is to inspire you to discover your passion and purpose.   Through our collaboration I help you grow, be successful, find happiness and peace and live a successful and fulfilled life.


    As an author, speaker, and mentor/coach with more than 40 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience I know I can help you. I’ve held executive positions with major corporations and I’ve owned and built several companies in the food, sports and construction industries.  I hold credentials and licenses from several schools and in several industries and have studied the works and teachings of well-known luminaries, scholars, authors and even ancient sages from science through spirituality.


    Through decades of studies and experiences I have learned that it takes passion, relationships, vision, listening, understanding and compassion to discover the secrets to success and living a fulfilled life.  Beyond all of my experiences, credentials and training I have become wiser and genuinely care about your achieving your goals and having sustained results.    


    You’re here because you know you want and need help and I will help you. As we know it takes a calm and steady hand to navigate the rough waters of life and business, and to recognize what you need to do to have harmony and success. So allow me the opportunity to help you. I promise you, I am someone you can trust and rely on for candor, wisdom and knowledge.  I will listen to you with compassion, empathy and appreciation for who you are, to understand your needs and wants. Then I will challenge you to be great.  And if I can’t help I will direct you to someone who can.


I had lunch with Arthur recently and witnessed his great coaching skills in action.  Arthur's laser intelligence and focus helped me find solutions from within.  Visit Arthur's website today for your own quantum personal journey, and take a look at QSIG, the book.


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