Think Like a Master Connector

Whether in health care or general business, here are tips from "Connectivity is the New Currency."

These tips from master connector Michelle Price, who is speaking at the Jan 24 and Jan 31 events, provide a good guide to the thinking behind this site:

"The # 1 success strategy in The New Economy is the ability to link people in your network to one another and to resources and opportunities that add avlue."

We are moving from:

single experts to trusted networks

information to recommendation

communication to conversation

If you aren't in the network, you're invisible.

In a network, value is created and shared by all members of the network. In a database, there's no sharing or feedback loop--it's all one way.

Create advocates: people who will buy everything you have. Ask:

who do I need to meet?

what do they want?

who already has them in their network?

Follow these tips and you will be a master at connecting yourself to others in a powerful global network.

Get ready for the Healing Shift.