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William Bunker for Massachusetts House of Representatives

William Bunker aims to make a world difference through the Massachusetts House of Representatives. I spoke at length tonight with William Bunker who is running for the Massachusetts House of Representatives and has imagination, vision and sensitivity with his eye on a variety of issues for our times.

Be it known and foretold that I have not to date ever endorsed, promoted, advertised, funded, or otherwise advanced the career of any political professional. In fact, I have kept my distance from the political domain. I have zero interest in competing egos, in pretensions to goodness, in God knows how many platforms, promises, and pretenses. What I am interested in is the luminous being, the evolved soul, the sensitive being who is alive to his or her own humanity as well as divinity. That interest flows through all my writing, through all my recorded and spoken word.

William, my intuition tells me, is such a being in whom a soul can share such an interest. His spoken style comes from another time and place, in my brief conversations with him so far, and his interests range wide. But listen to William speak in his own words, and form your own impressions. Here is some of what he says:
My campaign page is at William Bunker 2008. This dialogue of my goals in office tells if our dreams are similar. Please contact me about your goals. I greatly value your input.

As a Representative of Massachusetts, I will introduce legislation to balance our budget and enhance our quality of living. I will ask Massachusetts to back its finances in gold, labor, and other precious metals at market prices, regardless of the actions of other states in the Union.

Legalizing marijuana and ending Massachusetts' war on drugs will reduce our enforcement spending by $138 million. We will unclutter our court systems and reduce our prison population, leaving room in Walpole and our police stations to respond to violent crime and gang activity. No more will drugs corrupt our streets, we will take them on headfirst to eliminate the stigma and shame of drug addiction and separate it from responsible drug recreation. Who here has had a drink this week? A smoke today? I will not vote to enforce drug laws as they stand on the books.

I will ask the DEA to allow our farmers to grow harmless wild hemp in Western Massachusetts, or start petitions to make them listen, [unless my constituent Ron Paul gets to them first.] This matter is states' rights, so I will question Federal jurisdiction in Massachusetts if they come knocking, here or in California, Vermont, Maine, or elsewhere.

I will vote to change our schools. Our universities do not provide students with the classes they need or the opportunities they are curious about. Many are training for jobs that don't even exist yet. Let them study as they are guided to, and give them degrees of assessment as they earn them. I will work to make our public schools and universities follow this model, and encourage group and community homeschooling and provide degrees of assessment for home-college and other professional licensures.

Our highways are cluttered. In Massachusetts I will work to clarify traffic law to reflect safety, not formality, and reduce traffic fines and parking tickets. I will help change state speed limits to the safest level reasonable on the roadway and not a number. Dutch studies have found this method improves traffic flow and intersection function. You will not wait at a red light in a field to honor the state or avoid a penalty on my watch.

I will encourage the extension of electrical public transit and subways from Boston and Lowell to Nashua and Providence, Amherst and towards New York. No one should be kept from a job or store or friend that is distant because they don't have a car.

Green urban environment planning, rooftop gardens, and wind farms reduce pollution in our cities. Changing our incandescent bulbs to LEDs can save us 88% of the electricity used at our intersections.

A geothermal borehole system is roughly as expensive as a nuclear power plant. I will use the power of the earth instead of the power of the atom to make Massachusetts' and America's energy. Fission produces a small amount of radiation, but a large amount of radioactive pollution which we cannot filter. I will write legislation for a moratorium on all nuclear fission and new coal burning power plants in Massachusetts except the MIT research reactor and others of its kind. We can benefit from new solar technology that is 80% efficient and cheaper than coal. I would work to open solar panel manufacturing plants in Massachusetts using hemp-plastics grown in Massachusetts to compete with global coal and oil interests and equatorial land management businesses. We can build solar panels in Massachusetts and sell them to Brazil and Panama as we use them at home.

I will encourage Massachusetts residents and all Americans to form petitions and become aware of the ins and outs of government and corporations, especially automakers and financial institutions, to help us make smarter choices with our resources. I will organize a team to work with citizens and automakers to bring us the first public-forum designed automobiles, using the best clean technology and manufacturing techniques Massachusetts can bargain.

In that spirit I will help Massachusetts residents and Americans collectively bargain with companies and begin state-run industries and compete with for-profit industries in basic fields. These generic jobs and products will be as simple cheap durable and customizable as possible without the intention of excess profit from customers. Generic unadvertised products will compete with for-profit and globalist industries, drive down the cost of living and cost of goods, and provide us with cheaper emergency and charity goods for special occasions like Christmas. This is syndicalism and strengthens our economy by involving more of us responsibly in our financial process.

The Massachusetts FDA will advise citizens on the dangers of microwaving or inhaling plastic products or fumes, despite their prevalence in society. Inorganic foods, preservatives, trans-fats, and colorings will be examined and discouraged. The state of California knows that many products cause cancer but the rest of the world makes money off of it. Massachusetts and California have much in common. A special New England/California alliance can help us surround the nation with intelligent and active citizens.

I want Massachusetts to be a center of medical and scientific excellence. Freeing our school's curious minds produces fruits in the future. I will begin an engaging state science and medicine forum for all interested citizens to learn about and participate in. I will encourage the study of bioelectrical fields in humans and newborns especially. As soon as that field is distinguishable from the mother, it is a new life. I will encourage studies and organize attention on power lines, electric fields, cell phones and towers, and their effect on human health with Massachusetts research firms. I will be asking companies to place interest in science and technology with state cooperation to enhance the legitimate services they provide for society. I will be holding frequent public disclosures with the news media, companies, and civic groups. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies do not come first. Telecomm companies do not come first. The CIA does not come first. Our rights and our knowledge comes first.

The Constitution will be honored in Massachusetts. I will vote away gun control and the Brady Bill. I will help Boston police respect civil rights. I will not extradite individuals for the Federal Government to torture if caught in Massachusetts. In honor of the first amendment. I will help organize citizen news networks to research and spread important news about our nation and globe. People have the right to be free from other people's tobacco and marijuana. I will vote for a public smoking ban. Marriage is between man woman and God. I will not tell you whom to marry. Society will be watching. In Massachusetts as it is in the Federal government, according to the 16th amendment of the United States Constitution and findings from the United States Supreme Court in 1968, Louisianna, and Nevada, we will have no direct and unapportioned income taxes. I will work to have our definition of income and our taxation policies reflect our Constitution and eliminate a direct income tax.

I will work to recall our Massachusetts National Guard from Iraq. Vermont has plans to accomplish this in their legislation right now.

I will help organize state and community referendums of all kinds including resolutions to impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney, reinvestigate 9/11 in light of the new evidence about Shanksville and Delta, the statements from the NISC, and a radical host of revelations and truth findings. This country will have justice or everyone will bear the knowledge that we do not until our elected officials hang their heads in SHAME. I will encourage the review of government and media collusion under corporate media conglomeration will be examined by our state and Federal anti-trust laws.

Because the United States Constitution guarantees freedom from direct, unapportioned taxes, I will encourage Massachusetts workers to stop paying income taxes to the Federal government and attempt to make Massachusetts budgets self sustaining so we can reduce and end state taxes.

New business in Massachusetts will boom hard through these projects. I will ensure we contract as much work inside the state of Massachusetts as possible and encourage new syndicalist businesses to form to provide services not yet available. We will begin work on geothermal power plants to replace our dirty power plants and give us free heat energy from the earth, new subway lines and electric vehicles and stations to improve transit and commerce, new traffic fixtures, urban and rural agriculture, and recreational businesses to build and provide for us and our friends in labor, town halls, distant cities, and across the country and globe.

A toast. To America. To Massachusetts. To love.

Representative 2008!

There is much more that William has to say, much provocative and stretching our minds, our awareness, our consciousness into new territory. William has also alerted me to The Disclosure Project, which discusses "the end of humanity's childhood"--a wonderfully apt description of what is coming.

Please review carefully all the information that William Bunker has to present.
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