World Organization of Natural Medicine Conference

The World Organization of Natural Medicine hosted its first "Unity Congress" in Nassau, The Bahamas.

The event occured at the Wydham Resort Crystal Palace Ball Room. The purpose of the congress was to strengthen the informational, educational, scientific and ethical foundations of the Natural Healing Arts globally, enabling the development and improvement of the Natural Health Care delivery and Natural Health Care equity.

Doctors of Natural Medicine, Doctors of Intergrated Medicine and natural health practitioners were also gathering together for the promotion and development of natural medicine as a viable choice for primary healthcare for all individuals.

The World Organization of Natural Medicine is a specialized public international organization and agency. The mandate is to unite all physicians and practitioners of the natural healing arts under the umbrella of one organization, upholding the standards for the competent practice of natural and traditional medicine worldwide.

The mission for WONM is to deliver primary health care and natural medicine to the world's economically deprived people.

The Chairman of W.O.N.M. and Deputy Member of International Parliament for Safety and Peace, and Minister Plenipotentiary for The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, H.E. Hon. Dr. Sir. Kevin C. King, announced the Princess of Kuwait, Her Royal Highness, Dr. Anwar-Faisal Al- Sabah as chief guest along with many other official dignitaries.

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