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AMA Amends Alternative Medicine Resolution

The revised text of the June 2006 AMA alternative medicine resolution is below.

AMA House of Delegates Resolution #306

Increasing Awareness of the Benefits and Risks
Associated with Complementary and Alternative Medicine

June 2006

Whereas, Patient usage and acceptance of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) is widespread and growing in the US; and

Whereas, Current American Medical Association policy supports physicians routinely inquiring about the use of alternative or unconventional therapy by their patients, and to educate themselves and their patients about the state of scientific knowledge with regard to alternative therapy that may be used or contemplated (AMA Policy H-480.964); and

Whereas, Despite growing public interest and support for CAM, a majority of physicians surveyed, as reported in the 2004 Summer edition of Behavioral Medicine, do not feel sufficiently knowledgeable about CAM safety or efficacy and would like to receive more education on CAM modalities; and

Whereas, According to a report issued by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, the educational opportunities offered by US allopathic medical schools in CAM are inconsistent and sparse; therefore be it
[language, as recommended by the Medical Student Section, but changed]

RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association support the incorporation of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in medical education as well as continuing medical education curricula, covering CAM's benefits, risks, and efficacy.

[final language, as adopted by the House of Delegates]

RESOLVED, That our American Medical Association promote awareness among medical students and physicians of the wide use of complementary and alternative medicine, including its benefits, risks, and evidence of efficacy or lack thereof. (Directive to take Action)
Fiscal Note: Staff cost estimated at less than $500 to implement.

Thanks to John Weeks and his Integrator Blog for the update, and visit his site for commentary.

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