Face Transplants to Create Ideal Beauty in the Future

"We are subtlely being conditioned by the digital face and heading towards a face which no human being could have been born with."

So stated Professor Sandra Kemp, director of research at the Royal College of Art in an interview with the BBC News in "Face of the Future."

Face transplants are not so far off in the future; however, the point of the quote is that digital technology is leading us toward a robotic ideal of beauty.

The article notes that the face is connected to our sense of identity--as evidenced by biometric scanning. But how will identity change when the look of one's face is optional? All the current love songs will be considered archaic. Not to mention "the face that only a mother can love." And the ability of every unique face to channel unique emotions.

But then again, all human faces are the form beyond which the formless exists.