Flight Socks Lauded

Research has revealed that wearing flight socks can reduce by 90% the risk of developing deep vein thrombosis, DVT, a potentially fatal condition that affects thousands of people every year.

Apparently, the socks, which gently compress the leg from the knee down, encourage blood to flow properly in the legs and prevent it from clotting.

DVT occurs when there is a partial or total blockage of blood vessels by a blood clot. It usually occurs in the deep veins of the legs after long periods of sitting still - as the blood flow in the legs slows down it is more likely to form clots. Dehydration and breathing air of a low humidity can contribute to the condition.

Symptoms include a swollen or painful calf or thigh . If left untreated, the clot could break away and lodge in the lungs or the brain, possibly proving fatal.
Source: "Flight socks can cut risk of blood clots by 90%, say researchers," The Guardian, April 19, 2006.