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Laughter therapy at Cleveland Clinic

The Cleveland Clinic now offers laughter therapy. That's right, the bastion of mainstream clinical medicine is now adding laughter therapy to its repetoire of complementary and alternative medical therapies. Laughter really is good medicine, apparently. It's no laughing matter:
The Center for Integrative Medicine in Broadview Heights has laughter classes. Karen Fink, RN is a nurse and a Laughter Leader. She teaches class participants how to simulate laughing as a way to not only reduce stress, but also help a number of other health issues.

"Laughing aids in helping respiration, helping breathing, helping the cardiac system, blood flow, improving morale, it also helps your immune system." Karen says....

The class does look silly. Participants gather in a circle and do different movements while saying "Ho Ho Ho, Ha Ha Ha." But this type of laughter is not based on humor. It's based on the physiology of the act of laughing and what it does to the body. Even so, the class can't help but laugh at each other and once the giggles start they're contagious.
Why is laughter supposed to help with treatment? "Laughter releases endorphins which can aid in pain relief. It also reduces the stress hormone cortisol."

Patch Adams, MD was big on clown therapy as a way to bring a smile to patients' faces. Jokes and plain silliness meant a lot, as I read in his moving memoir suitably entitled, "gesundheit!" There's a reason practicing a smiling face is considered mentally rejeuvenating and therapeutic. Try a loud ha-ha for additional therapeutic value.
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