Managing Your Mind

A new Boston-based program in mindfulness based stress reduction and other techniques aims to help lawyers improve productivity, clarity, and work satisfaction.

Called "For Busy People: Managing Your Mind(TM)," this program, led by Madelaine Claire Weiss, MSW, MBA, addresses "busy lawyers" who need to lower their stress and, in a crowded schedule, learn to expand their sense of time.

Madelaine observes that according to a recent Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly poll, here's what keeps lawyers up at night:

37% Balancing work/life 16% Filing
34% Billable hours 13% Client contact

She says the answer is to increase billable energy.

"Myth #1 is that the only way out is to do less. Not so, suggests the latest research on Mindfulness and Meditation. Indeed, the DC Council recently passed a resolution urging 'all District residents to learn the practice of meditation.' Political and medical establishment respect for mindfulness training has resulted in workplace programs for DC lawyers, The World Bank and others. Through this quick-start, compact program, you too can learn a new mindset and gain a toolkit of surprisingly simple strategies--to help you stay or become as productive as you ever want or need to be, in a happier, healthier way."

For more information on the program, contact Madelaine Claire Weiss at: mindovermatters at