Program on Integrative Medicine gets press

The Program on Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona gets some press for graduating an integrative medicine doc.

Andrew Weil, MD offer this advice on a nutritionist's education:

Q: I am a 30-year-old massage therapist and nutritional educator and am interested in formal study to earn the credentials of a nutritionist, dietician or nutrition counselor. An online program would be ideal. Do you offer such a program? If not, could you recommend one?

A:The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine (AzCIM) here at the University of Arizona does offer two online courses in nutrition education: one on nutrition and cardiovascular disease and one on nutrition and cancer, with other courses in development.

The first covers the fundamentals of diet and nutrition for heart health and includes such subject areas as macro-and micronutrients, fad diets, supplements, phytonutrients, patient motivation and more.

The nutrition and cancer course addresses cancer treatment and prevention. Subject areas include integrative nutritional approaches to cancer, micronutrients, common diets for cancer patients, whole foods and more.

Both courses are open to anyone. Physicians, nurses and dietitians who complete either or both courses can get continuing education credit. New classes begin on the 15th of every month. Participants have a maximum of 90 days to complete each course. To learn about these nutrition courses plus other online courses, check out the online course catalogue at

You also might check into Hawthorne University, an online university that offers a wide range of nutrition courses for students at various levels of expertise.

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition also offers excellent training. The regular curriculum of study is conducted over the course of 10 weekends in New York City, but there is an online component, and online instruction will be expanded.

Bear in mind that many colleges and universities offer a variety of online courses in many subject areas. You may be able to find the nutrition education you seek by checking the offerings of well-regarded, fully accredited schools in your area. This is a great field and career opportunity. Best of luck in your new endeavour.

Speaking of Weil's Integrative Medicine program, there's a big PR announcement about a doc graduating from the program:

After two years of intensive training in areas including botanical medicine, mind-body physiology, nutrition, and holistic clinical care, Dr. Valencia Porter adds to her long list of credentials the completion of a prestigious Integrative Medicine Fellowship at the University of Arizona. Launched in 2000 by internationally-recognized integrative medicine pioneer Andrew Weil, M.D., the Center in Integrative Medicine Fellowship combines residential sessions in Tucson with a rigorous distance-learning program.

"Dr. Porter has received the best training available in integrative medicine," stated Dr. Andrew Weil. "I consider her fully prepared to go out in the world and help transform the practice of medicine and healthcare in the directions consumers want," he said.

Board-certified in General Preventive Medicine and Integrative Holistic Medicine, Dr. Porter serves as the Director of Women's Health at The Chopra Center for Wellbeing in Carlsbad, California. She is also certified in medical acupuncture, Ayurveda, and Healing Touch therapy. For more than 15 years, she has helped thousands find relief and healing from conditions including chronic pain, heart disease, cancer, stress disorders, depression, chronic fatigue, headaches, and weight issues. Before coming to The Chopra Center, Dr. Porter served as a physician and researcher at La Jolla Scripps Center for Integrative Medicine.

"For a long time, my goal has been to practice medicine in a way that supports the patient and not the health industry. The research and clinical care I completed for my Integrative Medicine Fellowship dovetails perfectly with my daily work with patients at The Chopra Center, which also offers a truly holistic healing approach," said Dr. Porter.

"In contrast with conventional medicine, which generally focuses on symptom relief, we work with patients to get to the root cause of an illness so that healing can take place at the deepest level," she said.

Dr. Porter's integrative medical consultations are available for weekly guests of The Chopra Center's Perfect Health wellness program, daily out- patients, and visitors to The Chopra Center in Carlsbad, California.

To learn more, please call 888.736.6895 or visit

About The Chopra Center

The Chopra Center for Wellbeing was founded by Deepak Chopra, M.D. and David Simon, M.D. in 1996. Located in Carlsbad, California, the Center offers a wide variety of programs, retreats, and teacher training programs that integrate the healing arts of the East with the best in modern Western medicine. The Chopra Center has helped millions of people around the world find peace of mind, physical balance, and emotional healing. The website is your starting point on the path to wellness.

"Prestigious" ... "bestows honor" ... very nice.

Dubai Health Care City is getting its integrative medicine and wellness program going:

The Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is all set to become an international hub for medical tourism in the near future, as all the major healthcare projects are nearing their completion dates, said Dr Ayesha Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of the Centre for Healthcare Planning and Quality at the DHCC.

The senior DHCC official shed light on the existing and upcoming projects at the DHCC, in an exclusive interview with Khaleej Times.

As the first healthcare free zone in the region, the DHCC was conceived with the objective of creating a regional centre of excellence for medical services, medical education and life sciences research and development in the Middle East.

DHCC is a conglomerate of medical teaching institutions, private hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical offices and research centres, medical spas and rehabilitation centres. With residential villas, apartments, and 5-star hotels surrounding an artificial lake, it is perfectly designed to promote medical tourism. "With the work on Phase I almost complete and operational, the Phase 2 is also coming up with lots of similar projects," she said.

"A major project under the Phase 2 is The Wellness Community. This community aims to position itself as the premier location for prevention, rejuvenation, integrative medicine, sports medicine and healthy living services in the region," explained Dr Ayesha.

Regulated by the Centre for Healthcare Planning Quality (CPQ), the wellness cluster will include an integrative medicine centre that will solidify DHCC's position as the leading destination for comprehensive health services through its fusion of both allopathic and complementary/alternative medicine using evidence based approach.

"Through this integration, DHCC's Phase 1 will be the centre for cutting edge diagnosis and conventional clinical treatment modalities. Phase 2 will focus on the preventative and alternative medicine," said Dr Ayesha.

"In this way, DHCC will be creating an environment where individuals will be treated holistically and can access care throughout the continuum, through preventative, disease management, health psychology, and other life enhancing services," adds the expert.

Other developments planned in Phase 2 include three hotels, two wellness resorts and 1,100 residential apartments: These are developed to primarily cater to the needs of the physicians, healthcare professionals, and other individuals who will be working at DHCC and surrounding areas.

Besides, 43 healthcare development projects will contribute to attracting healthcare services such as pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, insurance companies, and other companies that will support the development and sustainability of the DHCC cluster.

Fifty clinical villas will be built to support the delivery of outpatient day surgery and other specialized healthcare services, while six hospitals of approximately 500 beds, will focus on rehabilitation and women's specialties.

Another unique concept, the Dubai Medical Suites (DMS), have already opened to the public this summer. "Set to provide state-of-the-art ambulatory medical services, DMS provides a combination of the highest level of medical and surgical ambulatory services delivered by internationally and locally renowned physicians. The centre contains state-of-the-art clinical examination rooms, diagnostic services and operating theatres," said Dr Ayesha.

DMS also features 20 fully equipped clinics, including doctors' offices and examination rooms. In addition, there are six diagnostic rooms and four state-of-the-art operating theatres with four induction and 12 recovery beds as well as an ICU bed for emergency cases.

"As an outpatient diagnosis, treatment and surgery centre, DMS has a complete medical and administrative staff of full-time medical doctors, nurses, medical technicians and anaesthesiologists. DMS also provides government services (visa, licensing, etc) and relevant support services to the visiting patients and healthcare professional," explained Dr Ayesha.