The Bionic Human is Here

Watching I Robot on cable tonight reminded me of how real and non-futuristic the robot bartenders and conscious robot protagonist seemed.

While a few years ago the notion that we are becoming cyborgs was shocking, now I find more acceptance.

Check out this site for a graphic description of the components in progress for the bionic human, including the:

* bionic eye
* bionic ear
* bionic heart, lung, kidney, stomach
* bionic brain

How will holistic health modalities such as acupuncture and traditional oriental medicine adjust to these developments? How will bionic organs affect the flow of chi and the balance of yin and yang? Will acupuncture points remain the same? Will the theory have to adjust? What will complementary and alternative medicine, and integrative medicine, look like in the age of the cyborg? How will these enhancements affect our emotions and spirit?

So many questions. In the meanwhile, as I have learned, it isn't going to be human versus machine. The near future is the Humachine.
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