The heart of healing is now

"The heart of healthcare reform is not about insurance and economics, but about bringing together all the dimensions of healing within our systems of care, and developing legal frameworks to support this integration."

A colleague of mine, a Taiwanese-born law student, reminded me of these words I wrote some years ago in one of my books.

He wrote:

Today, Dec 21, is a very special day which means human beings will step into a new area.  It is also the day to remind old friend. More and more people will have the supernatural abilities because of the earth is moving into a new energy zone. More and more people will realize the truth of the world. Energy healing and holistic medicine will be the main stream in the not far future. We are still working together to make it reality. 

    Now I am busy preparing U.S. bar exam, hoping we can work together to promote alternative medicine in the future. I will recover social activities and will back to China after Aug 2013, to set up all kinds of connections related alternative medicine and health promotion. I will report you my progress.

To achieve your believe "the heart of healthcare reform is not about insurance and economics, but about bringing together all the dimensions of healing within our systems of care, and developing legal frameworks to support this integration." is not a easy thing, but it should be a trend.

It's important to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.  As a lawyer representing physicians, chiropractors, acupuncturists, naturopathic medical doctors, sleep centers, clinical labs, substance abuse recovery centers, integrative medicine clinics, hospitals, medical groups, fitness and nutrition experts, online health and telemedicine businesses, and others in the holistic health and other healthcare spaces for their legal needs, is the right place.

Another friend today also reminded me of my writing - that seems to be a theme:

Examples of excellence:

 "The choice of town must have had a purpose.  Perhaps this city of alternate lifestyles, witches, warlocks and free-thinking mystical savants would have shocked those founding fathers, mothers, servants, infants, even with their ideals of tolerance and freedom. Yet again, I thought, perahps those same sober, pluralistic parents were reincarnated today as pink-haired, roller-blade teens, celebrants of personal expression, freed from the ravages of parental supervision to claim their deepest, internal heritage.  Freedom was the attained end, here, and that ageless ideal bound all the town's inhabitants." (A Question of Time, page 12)

 "Thus my mind whirred on, wrapped in its own reverie, forgetting, perhaps, the fact of its being encased in a body, within a metal body (the taxi), navigating artifical constructions on soil (buildings), while spinning around a home star (the sun)." (A Question of Time, page 15)

I am grateful to have been a positive transformational influence on friends and that my own integration of law, medicine and spirituality in my own being has helped others.


Attorney Michael H. Cohen is Principal of the Michael H. Cohen Law Group in Los Angeles, California.

He represents a broad range of healthcare providers, including medical and osteopathic doctors; psychologists, nurses, dentists and other allied health professionals; and complementary and alternative medicine practitioners such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and massage therapists. His clients include clinical care facilities, dietary supplement companies, healthcare educational institutions, health insurance organizations, medical spas, medical device makers, telemedicine providers, and entrepreneurs in the health, wellness, and lifestyle industries.

Clients nationwide seek Mr. Cohen’s advice on business structure and entity formation; credentialing, licensing, and scope of practice concerns; professional disciplinary matters; employment contracts; informed consent and malpractice liability issues; HIPAA and other regulatory compliance; Stark, self-referral, anti-kickback, patient brokering, and fee-splitting questions; dietary supplement labeling; medical device and other FDA matters; website disclaimers and review of marketing materials; and other advice. Mr. Cohen is also highly sought after for special legal counsel by other attorneys and law firms in the areas of complementary/integrative medicine and aesthetic/cosmetic medicine.