Holistic Health Insurance for Complementary and Alternative Medicine People

Health Insurance Off the Grid offers a "complete healthcare system for a person or a family that removes many of the hassles of HMOs, denied coverage and Western medicine as the only option."

According to Daryl Kulak, President of the Simplicity Institute in Columbus, Ohio, a business school for the holistic healthcare community:

"I decided to write this book when I realized that many people, consumers and holistic healthcare practitioners alike, did not know about the health insurance changes to make to reduce their premiums substantially every year! I also realized that many people were interested in holistic healthcare and alternative medicine, but didn't know where to start or what type of services they could use."

The author writes on his site that his definition of holistic health is taken from the American Holistic Medical Association (www.holisticmedicine.org):

Holistic physicians embrace a variety of safe, effective options in the diagnosis and treatment, including

a) education for lifestyle changes and self-care

b) complementary alternatives

c) conventional drugs and surgery.

"Examples of these practices are: herbal remedies, vitamin therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, Indian ayurvedic medicine, yoga, tai chi, homeopathy, naturopathy, personal training, nutrition, massage therapy, energy work, and there are many, many more....

The author continues:

"Is It Really Possible to Save Thousands of Dollars on Health Insurance Every Year?

"Not only is this possible, but I make it easy for you. Insurance companies save a tremendous amount of money on people who live partly "off the grid" with their health insurance, and they reward people who do it too. Yes, you can save thousands of dollars every year. What you do with those savings is your decision.

"For instance, my wife and I would pay over $1,000 a month for our health insurance. We're both self-employed. We found ways to reduce it down to $175 a month, which, to us, was amazing! Yes, we have a higher deductible than we had before. But with tax deductible innovations like the Health Savings Account (HSA) passed into law in 2003, my wife and I have no concerns about whether our healthcare is covered. Our HSA and our insurance policy provide us with complete coverage for Western medicine. Now we have the freedom (and cash) to use holistic health services like massage, naturopathy and yoga, as our first line of defense, using expensive Western medical drugs and surgery only as a last resort."

Lots of people call my law office with questions about where they can obtain insurance, so rather than take these kinds of calls, I am providing this link. Check out the book and decide for yourself what is the best approach.