MASSAGE Magazine liability insurance policy for several health and wellness disciplines

MASSAGE Magazine has created a liability insurance policy for several health and wellness disciplines.

Below is information received from the publisher:

I came across your blog and very much enjoyed your writings on the laws and issues surrounding the CAM community. 

At MASSAGE Magazine we have created a liability insurance policy for several health and wellness disciplines and I thought that, perhaps, a partnership would be a good idea.  We cover massage therapists, yoga instructors, energy workers, estheticians, cosmetologists, dance instructors, among others.  Our one policy covers a practitioner for all of those disciplines and all of the nearly 400 Massage modalities that we cover.  We began our efforts by marketing to massage therapists because we have already built that audience. 

MASSAGE Magazine has been a trusted friend of the massage industry for over 25 years.  Our intimate knowledge of the industry, combined with years of active engagement with the health and wellness community, has allowed us to custom design this comprehensive liability insurance program catered to the unique needs of practitioners of complementary and alternative medicine.  Due to the very positive feedback and the considerable success we have had in the massage industry, we are now expanding our efforts to reach the community of Yoga Instructors and other related disciplines. 

We have created The National Association of Complementary and Alternative Medicines (NACAMS) through which we are now marketing and offering our comprehensive liability insurance.  

You can learn more about our businesses at these three websites: – The Website for MASSAGE Magazine – The Website for our insurance offering to Massage Therapists. – The website for our insurance offering to other disciplines including Yoga Instructors

NACAMS Insurance is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London.  Lloyd’s first began underwriting insurance in 1688 and today is the world’s leading specialist insurance market, conducting business in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. 

NACAMS Insurance includes:

  • Professional, General and Product Liability Insurance - $2 million per occurrence, $3 million annual aggregate, $2 million product aggregate – No master policy aggregate limits
  • Rental Damage Insurance $100,000

Bonus Insurance Coverage

  • Lost or Stolen Equipment Insurance $1,000
  • Identity Theft Protection Insurance $15,000

Additional Benefits:

  • FREE Business Web Site - Absolutely Free - No Hidden Costs!
  • FREE Monthly Newsletters
  • 350+ Modalities Covered
  • Online Application - Instant Coverage
  • $159/year  
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Michael H. Cohen is an experienced business law and health care law attorney.  He has taught health care law and policy at Harvard University and counseled many different kinds of practitioners and businesses, including:

  • entrepreneurial start-up ventures in many different industries
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  • integrative medicine centers
  • professional health care educational institutions and associations
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  • registered nurses and advanced practice nurses
  • clinical psychologists
  • chiropractors
  • acupuncturists
  • massage therapists
  • homeopathic physicians and homeopaths
  • naturopathic doctors and naturopaths
  • energy healers, hypnotists, medical intuitives
  • dietary supplement manufacturers and distributors
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As an attorney  at the cutting edge of health care and business law, he represents enterprises whose leaders are conscious and committed to a better world.  He provides legal and regulatory expertise to a multitude of businesses and corporations, as well as to attorneys and law firms involved in various health care legal issues including:

  • fee-splitting, Stark and anti-kickback
  • corporate practice of medicine (including New York, California, Massachusetts, D.C.)
  • medical board disciplinary proceedings and other professional discipline
  • negligence, informed consent, and medical malpractice liability (negligence)
  • HIPAA and patient privacy and confidentiality issues
  • Medicare (including opting out vs. participation vs. non-participation)
  • professional liability insurance and insurance (billing and coding) issues
  • telemedicine, tele-psychiatry and telehealth
  • litigation (plaintiff's counsel and defense) and negotiation
  • other legal and regulatory compliance issues.

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