Financial Services Authority Offers Roadshows to Small Firms

The UK's financial services regulator has 'roadshows' to help small firms understand common areas which are currently topical in their industry sector. Look to the FSA for helpful roadshows discussing regulatory areas and small firm concerns:
These are delivered by FSA staff who supervise small firms. They provide an overview of topical issues and findings from our recent research. Roadshows are free and give you the opportunity to hear first hand from us about the issues affecting your firm.

Who should attend? All small firms within the relevant sectors.

Format A half day roadshow delivered by FSA supervisors from the Small Firms division.

The mortgage adviser's roadshow will cover areas in:

* Principles-based regulation and treating customers fairly;

* FSA project findings such as mortgage quality of advice;

* Opportunity to have your Initial Disclosure Document checked, as well as hearing the most common errors to avoid; and

* The latest news and developments from the FSA.

The financial adviser's roadshow will cover areas in:

* Treating customers fairly and advice processes;

* Principles-based regulation and the new conduct of business rules;

* Financial resources and the retail mediation activities return (RMAR); and

* Compliance consultants and pensions.

The general insurance broker's roadshow will cover areas in:

* Principles-based regulation and treating customers fairly;

* Insurance conduct of business review; and FSA update.

There will also be Q&A and, one may imagine, tea and scones.
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