Private equity firms looking to Asia for large investments

Private equity firms are now turning their investment focus toward gains in Asia. Reuters quotes the Asian Venture Capital Journal for data in its report on private equity buyouts in Asia:
The heavyweights of the private equity industry, whose ability to do U.S. and European deals was hobbled by the credit squeeze, are looking longingly to Asia's high growth economies as a safe haven in troubled times.

Global buyout firms including TPG (TPG.UL: Quote, Profile, Research) and CVC Asia Pacific (CVC.UL: Quote, Profile, Research) are putting together new multibillion dollar Asia funds, shrugging off warnings of too much competition and the challenge of putting the money to work in the region.....

Industry players meeting in Hong Kong this month said rather than deter new investment, signs of a U.S. economic slowdown and troubles at U.S. and European financial firms have only boosted Asia's appeal.
That may be wishful thinking, as the credit squeeze has global repercussions. But, the report counters, "non-Japan Asia buyouts have been largely spared because private equity investments in the region are often done on an unleveraged basis, with investors relying on high organic growth rather than financial engineering to earn double-digit returns." In that case, it's back to the fundamentals, looking for relative value and the possibility that a significant shock to the U.S. economy will have a smaller relative impact overseas.
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