California Naturopathic Doctors Act

California is one of the states licensing naturopathic doctors.

SECTION 3630-3637

3630. An applicant for a license as a naturopathic doctor shall
file with the bureau a written application on a form provided by the
bureau, that shows, to the bureau's satisfaction, compliance with all
of the following requirements:
(a) The applicant has not committed an act or crime that
constitutes grounds for denial of a license under Section 480, and
has complied with the requirements of Section 144.
(b) The applicant has received a degree in naturopathic medicine
from an approved naturopathic medical school where the degree
substantially meets the educational requirements in paragraph (2) of
subdivision (a) of Section 3623.

3631. An applicant for licensure shall pass the Naturopathic
Physicians Licensing Examination (NPLEX) or an equivalent approved by
the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners. In the absence
of an examination approved by the North American Board of
Naturopathic Examiners, the bureau may administer a substantially
equivalent examination.

3633. The bureau may grant a license to an applicant who is
licensed and in good standing as a naturopathic doctor in another
state, jurisdiction, or territory in the United States, provided the
applicant has met the requirements of Sections 3630 and 3631.

3633.1. The bureau may grant a license to an applicant who meets
the requirements of Section 3630, but who graduated prior to 1986,
pre-NPLEX, and passed a state or Canadian Province naturopathic
licensing examination. Applications under this section shall be
received no later than December 31, 2007.

3634. (a) A license issued under this chapter shall be subject to
renewal biennially as prescribed by the bureau and shall expire
unless renewed in that manner. The bureau may provide by regulation
for the late renewal of a license.
(b) The holder of a license under this chapter shall be required
to take and pass a recertifying examination before the 10th
anniversary of his or her initial licensure pursuant to this chapter.
On or before July 1, 2010, the bureau shall establish standards for
recertification and shall create a recertifying examination or adopt
an existing examination that satisfies the recertification standards
established by the bureau. In developing standards for
recertification, the bureau shall consider information provided by
the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education, naturopathic doctors,
and other interested parties.

3635. (a) In addition to any other qualifications and requirements
for licensure renewal, the bureau shall require the satisfactory
completion of 60 hours of approved continuing education biennially.
This requirement is waived for the initial license renewal. The
continuing education shall meet the following requirements:
(1) At least 20 hours shall be in pharmacotherapeutics.
(2) No more than 15 hours may be in naturopathic medical journals
or osteopathic or allopathic medical journals, or audio or videotaped
presentations, slides, programmed instruction, or computer-assisted
instruction or preceptorships.
(3) No more than 20 hours may be in any single topic.
(4) No more than 15 hours of the continuing education requirements
for the specialty certificate in naturopathic childbirth attendance
shall apply to the 60 hours of continuing education requirement.
(b) The continuing education requirements of this section may be
met through continuing education courses approved by the California
Naturopathic Doctors Association, the American Association of
Naturopathic Physicians, the Medical Board of California, the
California State Board of Pharmacy, the State Board of Chiropractic
Examiners, or other courses approved by the bureau.

3636. (a) Upon a written request, the bureau may grant inactive
status to a naturopathic doctor who is in good standing and who meets
the requirements of Section 462.
(b) A person whose license is in inactive status may not engage in
any activity for which a license is required under this chapter.
(c) A person whose license is in inactive status shall be exempt
from continuing education requirements while his or her license is in
that status.
(d) To restore a license to active status, a person whose license
is in inactive status must fulfill continuing education requirements
for the two-year period prior to reactivation, and pay a reactivation
fee established by the bureau.

3637. Only an individual may be licensed under this chapter.