Medical Malpractice Canvassed

Medical malpractice is ably canvassed in a Florida blog, referencing law beyond the state as well.

Thanks to the Tampa Bay Personal Injury Lawyer for "Here's an Alternative for You," which states:

"The Complementary And Alternative Medicine Law Blog, CAMLawBlog, is a project of Michael H. Cohen, Esq. Michael's blog is extremely useful in an age when more of us are turning away from traditional medicine to find better paths to a healthier life."

The blog also has valuable articles and pointers such as:

* Early Attorney Consultation Important
* Hospital Medication Errors Have More Than One Cause
* Medical Error Data Not Being Used By Patients
* Some Shocking Facts About Medical Malpractice
* Unlicensed Hospital Worker's Wrong Diagnosis Leads To $116 Million Malpractice Verdict
* Malpractice Victims Permitted To Waive Attorney Fee Caps
* ER Diagnosis Not Always Right Or Timely
* Patient Satisfaction And Quality Of Medical Care

and others.