Mediating HealthCare and Other Disputes: Mediation and Healing

Mediation uses many techniques from the healing arts, and can be even further enhanced by knowledge of energy healing.

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Peace initiative quells local gang violence

With urban violence rapidly becoming a major public health threat, a peace initiative to quell local gang violence is making an impact.

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Resolving Healthcare Disputes

Litigation produces one winner, one loser, and can entail delays, expenses, and damage to relationships. It is important to weigh the potential costs and benefits before filing a lawsuit,and the option of alternative dispute resolution techniques such as arbitration, mediation, fact-finding, and negotiation to pursue a reasoned, practical, and intuitively satisfying resolution.

Negotiation strategies effectively can be applied to disputes involving CAM therapies, in a way that effectively preserves ongoing relationships between provider and patient, provider and hospital, and/or patient and hospital, that may be critical to current care. Such strategies can help forestall litigation, ideally minimize malpractice risk, and facilitate healing interactions that effectively negotiate health care crises.

Mediation and Healing

Mediation is a healing path: it moves parties to reconcile their differences in an atmosphere that, ideally, improves their connectedness, bridges their separate objectives, and integrates rather than fragmenting through adversarial conduct.

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Negotiating Integrative Medicine

Efforts to integrate complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies, such as chiropractic, acupuncture and oriental medicine, massage therapy, and herbal medicine, into conventional medical settings are creating a variety of negotiation challenges between various stakeholders.

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