How will you afford an attorney if you get sued

Americans are about 3 times more likely to get sued as to get hospitalized.

We have one of the most litigious societies in the world.


Holistic health care providers and CAM doctors and other clinicians are also at risk for lawsuits.


Consider the murky standard of care issues, among other legal challenges they face.


Here's a note I sent to a friend:


I just sent an email to an integrative medicine doc – he got sued and wiped out financially after years of heart service.  Had he enrolled at only $26/month (cancellable at any time), he would have had 75 hours of attorney trial time (140 hours the second year) – at $400 per attorney hour, that’s from $30,000 to almost $60,000 of attorney time.


The annual cost of the family membership for your family is less than an hour of attorney time.


Ironically my colleague runs the “legal” subcommittee of his integrative medicine group.  I told he could not only get the membership for himself (in case disaster were to strike twice), he could easily share it with all his holistic health care colleagues, thus helping them -- and earn commissions on top.  Plus, build residual income.  Plus, avoid the conflict-of-interest issues that arise when so many docs market dietary supplements to their patients!

 Check out the Prepaid Legal website for more details.  Or turn to this video. To me it’s a no-brainer regardless of one’s belief system about marketing.


Let me know what you both think  -  my belief is the membership will sell itself.



Michael H. Cohen is an independent Associate with Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

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