Prepaid Legal Services - Notes from Oklahoma International Convention 2010 (2)

Moving from High-Tech to High is the most important thing you can do.  Relationships matter.

               Move From High-Tech to High-Touch

                Here are notes from master trainer Jeff Olson about succeeding in  Prepaid Legal:

·         People want contact, whether in Prepaid Legal or elsewhere.

·         If you think you’re going to succeed in Prepaid Legal just by sending out videos and emails, don’t bother—a machine can do that.  Move into closer relationship.  “I will follow up with you on the video tomorrow, what’s a good time for you, 5 or 6?.” Step up from the video to the phone call.  “It was great meeting you today, I wanted to follow up.”  Personalize the process as much as possible.  Step up from phone call to a meeting, plugging people into events where you show leadership by attending.

·    Pull out your phone when you ask for a phone number and email—that personalizes it.  “I just sent you the video, you’ll have it when you get home.” Build your Prepaid Legal business.

·    Prepaid Legal has more and more tools available. It often takes multiple exposures, so use multiple tools. Usually 5 exposures.  If you’re too aggressive in your first exposure, that doesn’t work.  Set up new associates that our goal is to get in contact with new people and that it is often a process of getting them 5 exposures.

·    The best sale you make is when you get referrals, because that opens up a new market.

·    When I hand someone a Prepaid Legal tool, I am literally handing them the opportunity.  Any physical contact is much more powerful than anything you can mail or email.

·    Handing out a Prepaid Legal tool is both high-tech and high-touch, because it establishes the personal relationship  Set your associates up for success by teaching them it’s about personal contact and multiple exposures.

·    We can only really create a team environment when we invite people to events where we can be together in relationship.  Phone and electronic contact do not create that team feeling.  The team feeling is why we show up to events.


                Success is Recruiting through your Warm Market List


·         A warm market is a list of everyone you know.

·         DON’T PREJUDGE.  You do not know who will be a star.

·         Put together a list of your warm market.  Real estate brokers and stockbrokers do the same.

·         Have your team put together a warm market for their Prepaid Legal business.

·         Wilbur Smith, one of the highest earners, was a grocery store manager. Don’t prejudge who will be a star in your Prepaid Legal business.

·         The people you think will do the business, won’t, and the people you think won’t do the business, will.

·         Your team member needs to come to the table with a list of 100 names.  If they don’t do the little things, they’ll never do the big things.  They need to show up with 100 names.  Then we prioritize.  As a leader, you help them prioritize.  Then to make calls, because the first step is getting out of the comfort zone.  You need to step outside the comfort zone to make money.

·         Use the Prepaid Legal Memory Jogger tool.  It has name, phone, city/state, and priorities by the columns (goal-oriented, credibility, needs to make more money, and so on.)  Then formulate a plan.

·         Their responsibility is simply to share a Prepaid Legal tool.

o  Why don’t people call people they know? Two reasons: fear of rejection, and fear of what people will think.

§  Why do they experience this? 

·         They don’t understand their purpose.

·         They feel like they are selling a friend.

o  Networking is simply defined as “people talking to people about services and products.”  It’s the same process as any conversation.

o  Explain that it’s your list – you get a copy, they have the original.  It’s your list because as a leader in the business, you know how to prioritize and find the people that can make things happen.

o  They have credibility with their contacts—I have time and knowledge.  We marry these two.  So for the next 90 days, that’s their job description.  Exposing their world, to our business.

o  Be passionate, operate from a position of strength, but expose your warm market to the opportunity.  Because if you don’t, someone else will.

o  Ask:

§  For help.  Tell your downline: “I’ve never asked anyone on my list to buy, join, or sell.”  You’re just calling and saying: “I’m expanding my business and I need your help.  Who do you know who needs to make more money part-time.

§  You may or may not be interested, it just takes 15 minutes.

§  I appreciate how busy you are, I’ll follow up with you tomorrow at 8 or would 9 be better.”

o  I overnight a package, to showcase it’s urgency, and follow up the next night, “what did you like best about what you saw.”

o  The membership is for everybody, because every family wants security, peace of mind, and chance to save money through the value of the membership.  In the process of their getting the membership, they might get interested in the opportunity.  The opportunity is not for everyone.


The Private Business Reception


·         If people show up early, you can run the Prepaid Legal lifestyle clip.  It’s not the presentation, but it just whets the appetite.  Or give them a Prepaid Legal Success magazine.  Or start edifying the Prepaid Legal DVD.  Don’t start presenting.  If people ask questions, that’s good, they’ll be answered by the DVD.

·         Don’t emphasize that other people didn’t show up or that you were expecting a lot more.

·         Don’t make excuses to the people already there.  Don’t let the people who did show up suffer because of the people who have not yet shown up.  Let the people who committed to what you’re excited about get their time valued wisely.  “I’m glad you’re here, because I’m excited.  You all know….[share your story briefly.]  So I decided to do something different, and I decided to share it with you, and I appreciate your all supporting me in my endeavor.”  Then introduce your expert or the Prepaid Legal PBR DVD.

·         People buy from the height of your enthusiasm rather than from the depths of your knowledge. When people see your enthusiasm, their curiosity keeps them there.  They have never seen you like that.  If it’s about knowledge, people make decisions based on limited information which is really ignorance.  So don’t give them partial information.  Set it up properly.

·         Serve snacks after, don’t interrupt the flow during.  You can do beverages before.  Have them stick around for the food.

·         Why you need a Prepaid Legal PBR:

o  It launches your business.

o  You can get more people to a Prepaid Legal PBR than to a briefing or an event.  Inviting them to your home can get 20-60 people there.

·         Your Prepaid Legal expert must show up on time.  If no live expert is present, you can have one call in after the DVD goes off.

·         When the DVD is done, you hand out the applications and pens.  You don’t ask for questions.  You don’t start with chit-chat or distractions.  Don’t have the dog jumping on your leg – eliminate the distractions. Just hand out the applications,

·         Don’t work to convince. 

·         Don’t promise to build downline legs or to put people at the top of a pyramid or boast about how much money they’ll make.

·         Don’t waste all your energy on the relentlessly negative person.

·         Assume the sale.  Be so positive about the PBR that you expect positive increase.

·         Before the PBR, do a 3-way call to get people to the PBR.  The call is not to answer all the questions, it’s to get people to the PBR.

·         Welcoming people to the PBR, move quickly to get yourself out of the way to introduce your expert.

·         After the PBR, ask each person “what did you like best?”

·         If you get a yes, have the host give them the paperwork and let them know they’re in good hands, Mr X is a rising star.  Move the person who is ready to get started right away to where they can fill out the paperwork without any distractions.

·         If not interested, thank them for attending and host can walk the person out but give them the paperwork in case.

·         If they have to check with someone…”would your significant other object to you protecting your family for $35.95/month?  We’ll give you the paperwork to get you started, and Mr Hughes and I will talk to your husband after and explain everything.”  It’s a no-brainer... everyone should walk out of the PBR with at least the membership.

·         Next step: we schedule the new Associate’s PBR – have them start filling out their list, get out their calendar.

·         Keep it simple.

·         Be enthusiastic.  Remember—your guests are looking at you at the PBR.  If even only one guest shows up, care about them. Treat it as if 1,000 showed up.  Let them feel good about coming.  If I was to spend time with someone on a yacht, I’d want it to be you.

·         If someone wants to start right away, get them started, and also get them launched to spin their PBR off that one, next.  Don’t just have a PBR, schedule another person’s PBR.

·         Don’t just have a bunch of tools on the table.  Hand it to them on the way out the door and ask them to show it to people they know.  Otherwise they just take home the information and it sits there.

·         Remember, this is an opportunity to build your business, it’s not get rich quick.  If no one shows up, schedule a private conference call.  Invite the same people that didn’t show up at the PBR to the conference call.  “I’m sorry you missed the launch of my business, but guess what, the person who I told you about is still able to share the information that I’m so excited about on the phone with you.”  You could still schedule the PCC for the same night as the PBR – you can make money when you decide to.


Michael H. Cohen is an independent Associate with Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Prepaid Legal gives members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as buying a house or a car, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company, dealing with identity theft, and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review. For Pre-Paid Legal members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away.