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Prepaid Legal Services - Notes from Oklahoma International Convention 2010 (3) - Develop Instant Rapport

Here's how to develop instant rapport by visualizing a mental scenario involving 9 objects.

               Developing Common Ground and Rapport

·         Mailbox: where do they live, do they like it?

·         Name: what’s their name.  When you meet someone, first ask their do they spell their name? Asking this helps you remember it.

·         Family portrait: ask about their family.

·         Glove: work, occupation

·         Scroll: education

·         Airplane: travel, recreation – if you had all the money in the world, where would you go?

·         Tennis racquet: sports, hobbies

·         Light bulb: ideas, thoughts, concepts

·         Goalpost: goals, ambitions

                Visualize these 9 items: a mailbox, with their name, and a house behind it with a family portrait, then a glove going up a chimney, and a scroll coming out of it, and the scroll leading out to an airplane, the engine is a tennis racquet, and there’s a light bulb coming out that goes through a goal post.

                TTP – talk to people.  Open the door to a relationship.

                This way you’ll always be confident opening up to new people. You’re not sitting there waiting and waiting for an opportunity to pitch.

                Stay with whichever one gives you the ride to rapport, you don’t have to hit all 9.

The Mindset of a Team-Builder

                The power of growing geometrically rather than arithmetically moves you up to 1,000-person teams.

                The Builder – builds a financial freedom empire.  You want to build a big one, not a little one.  You need a solid foundation, which is You. You are the most important person on the team.  You get it by doing the 10 Core Commitments, by looking at what you can do rather than what you can’t do.  As some Core Commitments become a habit you can move on to others.

                You’re just looking for another core person who wants to build a solid foundation.  Keep building down and when a person way downstream gets activity, people feel it up the line, because they don’t want to lose their overrides.

                People will be attracted to your team when they find you keep things simple.

                Don’t look up to what your sponsor may or may not be doing for you; look down to see what you can do to help your team members earn an extra $500 to $1,000/month.  Build a business that multiplies. 

                Whatever you do over and over, you get good at. 

                You want to spend more time with fewer people – the producers on your time who are committed.  You’re not managing people, but working the System.  You may need to go through 100 people to find your core producers, but don’t spend your time on everyone.

                Story-telling works. Master the compelling story.  Create your own success story, or a story of success of someone on your team that you have helped succeed.  That gets people to get excited to be part of your organization.  You want your team to like you.  When you hear stories during training or read them, write them down.  Facts tell, stories sell.

                It’s crazy that people show up to work when they’re sick, but won’t show up to an event where some on stage is making money they dream of and can show them how to do it.

                Fix your mind now on your goal for this month.  Commit to your goal.  Keep your word to yourself!!!

                Small Business Plan

·         Take off your selling hat, and put on your helping hat.  Focus on helping the business rather than selling the membership.

·        More to come.....

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