Prepaid Legal Services - Notes from Oklahoma International Convention 2010 (4)

Focus on abundance, you attract more abundance.

Dave Savula – top earner in Prepaid Legal

·         Develop a daily discipline.  Many have been disciplined by corporate bosses.  Now it’s time to create your own discipline.  It must be daily.

·         How did you get in? You were recruited.  Recruitment is at the heart.  Four steps:

o   Compliment someone. You’re on Earth as long as God allows.  You may as well show some kindness and compassion to people.

o   Extend your hand.

o   Ask about them – their jobs, their likes.

o   Make friendships.  I never built a business, I made friendships, and business came out of it.  You are making friendships that will last the rest of your life.  You are making positive associations.  You will see these people more than many of your relatives.  Why? Because your relatives don’t get it, they don’t have dreams and aspirations.

·         Sometimes it’s difficult.  You don’t show anyone that you’re hurting.  You need to fight and motivate yourself. You are the captain of your ship.

·         Keep your personality positive and bright.


Brian Carruthers—second top earner in Prepaid Legal



·         Common sense – our income derives from memberships, our long-term residual from keeping those memberships on the books.

·         Every major superstar has people above them in their geneology that dropped out and thereby missed out on downstream income.  It’s their belief in their own business and in themselves that was the lack.

·         The Prepaid Legal membership is for everyone: it creates protection, peace of mind, security.

o   How would you feel if the membership suddenly was no longer available and you did not have the Prepaid Legal membership in your life.

o   We’re not here to sell legal plans or insurance, but to offer empowerment, peace of mind, the feeling of being protected.  It’s the feeling that you’re offering when you recruit or expose to a membership.  Once people experience this, they will never want to be without it.

o   A 10% increase in your retention rate equals a 35% increase in your income.

·         Most people have auto, health, home and life insurance.  The average people pay for auto is $200/month, health is $200/month, home is $75/month, life is $50/month. 

o   Prepaid Legal is lower than each of these, yet it’s the insurance of the insurance – you have a provider law firm that will be there to hold the feet of your other insurers to the fire to make sure they pay.

§  Would you ever cancel your other insurance? No, you would never be without the insurance.

·         Use the 101 Reasons brochure.  Have your prospect circle anything that is ever happened in their life so far, on the list. 


Recruiting – Building a Big Business


·         Focus on being consistent and persistent.

o   On every weekly training call, at every weekly briefing and core training, exposures every day, at every event.

o   How long have you been consistent? A year? Six weeks?  Many people build in fits and spurts, with a big spike.  The beginning f the month should be as high energy as the end of the month.

o   Whether you have 5, 10 or 20 hours a week, drive the business every date.

·         You can make excuses or you can make money but not both.

·         Consistency and persistency creates momentum.  Momentum creates income increase.

o   If you back off from momentum, income decreases.  Some people get momentum and then the next week go on vacation.  Guess what happens?

o   Everything comes down to prospecting, and inviting.  If you want to increase your team, then you want to prospect and invite people see Prepaid Legal..  Get them in front of the information with tools, and events.

o   Next is plugging your recruit into the Prepaid Legal system.

·         The Prepaid Legal System.  It’s not about you.  It’s about the System.


The Prepaid Legal System


1.       Get excited

2.       Make Your List

3.       Schedule PBR within 3-5 days

4.       PCC for people who couldn’t attend the PBR

5.       Weekly Business Opportunity Training and weekly calls

6.       Weekly Core Training

7.       Super Saturday/OKC National Convention


·         Brian quit the business a thousand times—as long as you get up, and stay plugged in, the System will carry you along.  The current will carry you.  Your team is on the banks of the river, pull them in and let the river carry them along.  You can’t carry them—the river will.


·         People often don’t give their Prepaid Legal business their best, because they have a job.  Then they lose their job, and they do the Prepaid Legal from a state of desperation, which doesn’t help them.  The time to work your business is now.


·          Work your best business now, even while ramping up part-time. Brian made 200 calls his first 3 days.  He made $248,000 his first year, not because he had to, but because he wanted to.  What you focus on, you attract.  Focus on abundance, you attract more abundance.


·         The decisions you made 5-10 years ago put you where you are today.  How much could you write a check for today right out of your checkbook?  Does that number make you happy or sad?  A huge number is waiting for you…..what are you doing about it to make it happen?


·         Brian was no one special in his last companies. He just made a decision to not nickel-and-dime a million-dollar opportunity.  What do you think about the first thing when you wake up? What phone calls do you make first thing in the morning?

o   Big desires, hopes and dreams require activity to get out of neutral and on the road.




Michael H. Cohen is an independent Associate with Prepaid Legal Services, Inc.

Prepaid Legal Services, Incgives members access to professional legal counsel not only for traditional legal problems, but for everyday events such as buying a house or a car, creating a will, handling a problem with an insurance company, dealing with identity theft, and much more where legal review should be routine, but rarely is. These events can be among the most important events in a person's life, yet there is a tendency for them to take place without proper legal review. For Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. members, access to legal counsel is only a toll-free phone call away.