"Antimatter Cures Cancer"

If a holistic practitioner advertised that antimatter cures cancer on his or her website, legal sanctions (such as an action for fraud) would probably apply.

But science is very mysterious and playful. Today's headline is "Antiprotons Four Times More Effective Than Protons For Cell Irradiation."

Yes, it's true--antimatter was used to irradiate cells containing cancer. And it worked:

'A pioneering experiment at CERN with potential future application in cancer therapy has produced its first results. Started in 2003, ACE (Antiproton Cell Experiment) is the first investigation of the biological effects of antiprotons.

'"We have taken the first step towards a novel treatment for cancer. The results show that antiprotons are four times more effective than protons at terminating live cells. Although it still has to be compared with other existing methods, it is a breakthrough in this area of investigation." says Michael Doser at CERN, one of the scientists collaborating on the experiment. ACE brings together a team of experts in the fields of physics, biology, and medicine from 10 institutes around the world....

'The results showed that antiprotons were four times more effective than protons.'

As to matter and antimatter, it's very clear:

'When matter and antimatter particles meet, they annihilate, or destroy each other, transforming their mass into energy.' Just like our best science-fiction writers told us.

For legal rules regarding fraud as applicable to holistic healers and other complementary and alternative medicine providers: Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion.