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Blogging About Blogging: Seth Speaks

The original Seth Speaks was highly entertaining (and informative) in providing an alternative view of personal reality.

Now, Seth's Blog (a different Seth, this one with an MBA from Stanford) offers tips about marketing and a lot about integrity in business.

In The manipulators, for example, he writes about people who have 'figured out the system' so as to get a top Digg post or otherwise climb the Internet traffic heap:

"Every day, there are literally hundreds of ad agencies working hard, trying to figure out how to slip corporate ideas into the system under the guise of it being homemade and real. They don't have remarkable products or services, they don't have clients willing to reconsider what it is they actually produce, so they're busy trying to break the community systems online to help them (selfishly) succeed.

"When a kid in New Jersey does the Numa Numa song, it's poignant and funny and yes, remarkable. When an ad agency creates 100 variations of a gimmicky video hoping to hit the Digg jackpot, it just feels wrong.

"As the 'bestseller' lists on YouTube and Reddit and other places become more and more important, they're also going to become less useful. Less useful because the manipulators are way more focused and earnest than the typical consumer, and they'll figure out a way to get under whatever radar gets installed.

"At some point, it's going to come down to who we trust. We didn't trust Beechnut after we find out they put water in the apple juice. We didn't trust Audi for a decade, even though there wasn't anything actually wrong with their car. And we won't trust Enron, Worldcom or Adelphia with our money for a long time to come.

"It's not just that this sort of deception is morally wrong. It's also stupid. It's stupid because it poisons the water supply for everyone, including the marketers who are busy doing it. Instead of realizing that they have an incredible playground in which to launch things that are truly innovative, they'd rather kill it by bending (or breaking) the rules....

"And the upside? The upside is that individuals (and organizations) that don't stoop, that manage to figure out how to have influence without trying to profit from it, those brands are the ones that will last, that will thrive and that will bring the rarest commodity--trust--to the table."

Right on, Seth. And thanks for keeping us honest, and shaming the ripoff artists. I truly believe that in the end, what has value will persist and what grabs the proverbial 'fifteen minutes' (or maybe fifteen nanoseconds) of attention will be dust in the wind.

With 175,000 new blogs originating every day, many in health, medicine, law, or related subjects, it's important to ensure that time--the writer's and the reader's--is honored.

I spent last night trying to hone my thesis, or first sentence, for a new book.

These are the words that cascaded from Everywhere (or maybe Otherwhere):

"What do we do while we're here?"

The question subsumes a bunch of other questions. Maybe it's just the Supreme Question.

Integrity and honest ues of time certainly play a role.

For those curious about the repeated references to "Otherwhere," here's the link:

And here's Kurt Leland's site on Spiritual Orienteering: Mapping Your Inner Reality. Kurt continues the tradition emblazoned in the original speaking by the "Other" Seth.

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