Humans are not special simply because they are human

Speciesism, the notion that humans are unique and special and therefore deserve to dominate everything on this planet, takes another knock.

In a passionate, insightful, and well-crafted piece called The myth of our exalted human place, the Sentient Developments blog tackles the perspective that humans are destined to rule the cosmos.

Sentient Developments first artfully explains the connection between transhumanism and animal rights:

in the case of transhumanists, they're anticipating existence outside of the evolved human form and the rise of artificial intelligence and machine minds, whereas animal rights folks are acknowledging the personhood of gorillas, elephants, whales and dolphins. Ultimately, however, transhumanists and animal rights advocates are on the same wavelength in that they support the idea of non-anthropocentric personhood.

The blog then tells it like it is: "Of course, the argument that humans have value because they're human is not really an argument at all. Rather, it's a rhetorical tautology devoid of any substance - except for what it reveals about the person making the argument."

Insistence on human specialness has led to a range of abuses including those perpetrated against our four-legged kin. Sentient Developments, a blog I have just discovered, seems to have a perspective that shares some ground with Buddhism, yet also argues from secular disciplines. And the blog calls for skepticism with regard to religious claims wrapped in religious garb: "Even when framed in secular language, the allusion to religious sensibilities is inescapable and one that informs an indelible part of this ideology." (This is presumably a reference to some religious ideal that humans are meant to dominate, which is then interpreted to include exploitation of all of nature). The piece's conclusion does express the compassion urged by Buddhism and by the non-ideological core of most other religions: "Consequently, it is when we consider the well-being of both human and non-human animals that we become truly humane."

Read Sentient Developments for an informed and passionate view of our possible futures and the present medical and other technological developments that impinge on those futures.
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