Medical Humanities Link to Complementary and Alternative Medicine Law

Medical humanities is linked to complementary and alternative medicine law, ethics, regulation, and health care policy in more ways than a backlink.

The Medical Humanities Blog is published by Daniel Goldberg, currently in the Ph.D program in medical humanities at University of Texas Medical Branch's Institute for Medical Humanities. He is also an attorney, and after clerking for a judge and practicing for several years, is a Research Professor with the Health Law and Policy Institute at the University of Houston Law Center.

Daniel's Medical Humanities Blog offers a literature review on this interdisciplinary field which includes "disciplines as different as philosophy, art, literature, anthropology, sociology, history, and religion."

Which is great, because (among other things), Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion tries to bridge some of these disciplines, and engage the humanities in a discussion about CAM therapies. The conversation began a few years back with my colleague Mary Ruggie, PhD, a sociologist at Harvard University's Kennedy School of Government, who authored Marginal to Mainstream: Alternative Medicine in America (Cambridge University Press).

The Medical Humanities Blog also features a "Medical Humanities Lexicon," which asks such questions as:

"What are the humanities? Where do they come from? How do the humanities relate to medicine? What are the medical humanities? Who is a medical humanist? What, if anything, is the relationship between the medical humanities and bioethics, or between the medical humanities and health policy? What are some of the objectives of the medical humanities? What are some of the objectives of medical humanists?"

The blog also complies relevant conferences and workshops in the medical humanities, supplementing those compiled on the American Society for Bioethics & Humanities' website.

Professor Goldberg writes: " I find CAM absolutely fascinating, and is a topic well suited for a medical humanities analysis."

So we launch this collaborative discussion and invite colleagues around the globe (and blogosphere) to contribute.


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