Our spiritual destiny outlined by physicist

It's refreshing to see the videos of leading thinkers that TED has put together, including a talk by quantum physicist David Deutsch describing his idea of the multiverse.

According to Deutsch there is not just one universe but rather many, and according to his quote on TED: "Everything in our universe -- including you and me, every atom and every galaxy -- has counterparts in these other universes."

The more I read about the universe as a quantum computing mechanism within a multiverse, the more I see parallels to energy medicine. Thinkers such as Oxford's Deutsch lend scientific credibility to the notion that not only are we likely not alone in the universe, but the universe itself is not alone in the multiverse. And that upturns the whole species-centric notion of human specialness. And yet, we still may have a special role to play in that with accelerating technology we have vast creative as well as destructive powers. Deutsch is an optimist, and sees creation outweighing the other possibility, though in the series on "bold predictions, dire warnings" there is also an informative video talk by cosmoloist Martin Rees, who speculates as to whether this will be humanity's final century.

TED has certainly put together a set of cutting-edge talks whose themes resonate with the emphasis of complementary therapies on trying to bring wisdom and balance to a chaotic world.

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