The Internet in Space

The Internet is coming soon to a space station near you.

With satellite Internet, the Web's presence is already felt in space. But now the US military plans to test an internet router in space.

In Feng Shui we say that 'everything is communicating with you all the time; make sure you like the communication.'

Now that will be even more true.

To send a message from one remote terminal to another via satellite today requires the first terminal to send the data to the satellite, from where it is bounced back to an earth station for routing. The earth station re-transmits it to the satellite on a different frequency, selected depending on its destination, and the satellite bounces it back to its destination. With the router in space, the satellite can pick the channel used to send the message to its destination. By eliminating the message's round trip to the earth station, operators can increase satellite capacity and reduce transmission times between remote terminals by using fewer hops and fewer frequencies for each message.

In other words, stronger, better, faster.

Of course the military uses could be staggering, including easier surveillance and spying. The counterside is that Earth communications will be richer and quicker due to our space connection. In any event, the human footprint in space is growing steadily deeper. From an ecological perspective this could be troubling. We are broadcasting are noise deeper and deeper into everyone else's space. And for the entrepreneur, it's time to secure those new domains early-on. For the complementary and alternative medicine law enthusiast, think

Then again, I'm not sure the Martians will want to have their frequencies jammed with gadzillions of Earthling twitters.
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