The Spike is here with faster-than-light travel

Researchers tell us that objects can indeed travel faster-than-light, the paradox being that such objects have no mass.

The experiment caused a pulse of light, a group of waves with no mass, to go faster than light.

For the experiment, the researchers manipulated a vapour of laser-irradiated atoms that boost the speed of light waves causing a pulse that shoots through the vapour about 300 times faster than it would take the pulse to go the same distance in a vacuum....

When the pulse of light travelled through the vapour, the pulse reconfigured as some component waves stretched and others compressed. As the waves approached the end of the chamber, they recombined, forming the original pulse.

The key to the experiment was that the pulse reformed before it could have gotten there by simply travelling through empty space. This means that, when the waves of the light distorted, the pulse traveled forward in time.

The article was published in the journal Nature.

All in all, I'm glad I read so much science fiction and have spent time meditating and chanting in ashrams (not to mention Rosh Hashanah services), hugged trees and communed with angels. Reality -- the prestigious journal "Nature"! -- apparently is catching up. It was enough for energy to equal matter times the speed of light squared, but now even that is being exceeded.

I was just reflecting tonight (pardon the pun - reflecting) that the non-physical world exists beyond space and time. That is why if we limit consciousness to the world of thought, we will be unable to glimpse behind the veil of material reality. (huh?) In other words, those who see only in 3-D will be unable to fathom perceiving in 4-D, unless they expand their consciousness to what Barbara Brennan called, the "fourth level of the field." The yoga sage Patanjali defined yoga (in verse 2 of the Yoga Sutras) as quieting the mind -- completely; then, he wrote, truth would be revealed.

Quite the thought-waves of the mind, or, accelerate light-waves tremendously. In homeopathy, the molecules are percusssed (shaken). Speed it up or slow it down; the macro and the micro converge. There is a fundamental unity, even though Einstein never found the equation.

To know more about this experientially, either sit under a tree and gaze inward (not to the navel, that is still in material reality) or, read "Flatland" by mathematician Edwin Abbott. He posited a two-dimensional world in which the reigning Monarch (a point) could not fathom three dimensions, and scoffed at the notion of spheres penetrating his 2-D world.

We now learn that a huge percentage of the universe is dark matter - about which we know very little; that a gargantuan percentage of our DNA, the so-called 'junk DNA,' has a purpose, though again we know almost nothing about it; and even that light, the fastest thing in the known universe and a universal metaphor for spiritual awakening, can be exceeded.

The Upanishads put it interestingly: "Those who think they know, do not know; those who know they do not know, know."

All this is very clear (again, a metaphor bearing relationship to Light).

However, I am going to have to change the New Age description of we spiritualists as "Light Beings." It turns out we are going to have to experience ourselves as "Faster Than Light" Beings.
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