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Warning; tears can damage cellphone

Tears damaged a cellphone, in an n of 1 study recently reported on a Tech News Blog.

Warning: Tears can damage your cell phone reads the informative headline, which I found in the "esoteric" group of posts.

Unlike some of her more effusive phone conversations, the call in question had lasted only around 10 minutes, with maybe five minutes of actual water flow, she said.

Amy knew something was wrong almost immediately--and this time it wasn't her relationship.

"The keypad started to malfunction. I couldn't hit the 'send' button, and that was very sad," she said. The next day the Sprint customer support people told her the phone had water corrosion.

But what was behind the emotional meltdown? The article does not provide any clue. Being psychologically minded, I would have liked a more explicit back-story, a holistic take on the cause of the "actual water flow." Instead, the front story is Amy's concern about her phone:

The phone meltdown "was a big deal," she said, with no small amount of anguish. "It affected several of my jobs and affected my relationship."

Unfortunately the initial emotional trigger led to cellphone malfunction which then created a cascade of events, with an ensuing multiplier effect.

That, one could suppose, is why holistic health places emphasis on balance. In the age of technological gadgets, it is important to have one's emotions in balance, or at least, if one is going to engage in cathartic therapeutic primeval gestalt releases, to be in a clear space for the same, namely by disconnecting the headset before moving the chi.

This may be a paradox: you have to unplug before you can really plug in.

Of course, some people do grieve over the phone and that should be honored, together with the sense of support the technology can provide. That having been said, there is such a thing as cellphone addiction, and it seems there would be something odd about qunatum jumping from shedding tears about a relationship to shedding tears about a waterlogged phone.
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