Wireless Teleportation Established

By wireless teleportation, I refer to the use of the brain to send signals to move a physical object.

It isn't just Yoga guiding Luke and letting him know the Force can lift his starship out of the muck.

Maybe the Force can do this -- we call it "chi" in acupuncture and the Way of the Tao --

but our current scientific understanding lets it be as well. So says Scientists harness mysteries of the brain:

"- A young woman, confined to a wheelchair, is told to think about moving another wheelchair in front of her, first to the left and then forward.

As if by magic, the wheelchair follows her mental commands.

"She was controlling the chair with her imagination," said Timothy Surgenor, president and chief executive of Cyberkinetics Neurotechnology Systems.

Surgenor was using the video of the woman, who was paralyzed by a brain stem stroke, to demonstrate a technology called BrainGate to some 900 researchers, physicians and investors attending a meeting at the Cleveland Clinic earlier this month.

The woman had a tiny sensor that analyzes brain signals implanted on the part of her brain that controls hand movement.

A small plug protruding from just above her ear is connected to a computer that in turn has a wireless connection to the electronic wheelchair she was controlling."

This is apparently just "the tip of the iceberg," according to the source.

From: Reuters, Wed Nov 29, 2006 By Debra Sherman