Spa-Goers Cautioned in Tapei

Not all medical spas provide outstanding care and treatment.

In Tapei City, consumer protection officials urged consumers to be careful when visiting beauty spas as a result of complaints by people who claim to have been swindled, bullied and even injured at spas.

According to a report in the Chinese-language United Evening News yesterday, one woman had to seek medical attention after a rough facial massage at a Taipei spa caused her eyes to swell with blood.

Another woman sought a refund after her masseuse accidentally rubbed beauty products into her eyes during a spa treatment, leaving her eyes inflamed and unable to open.

The rogue spas are probably being investigated. In the U.S., many towns regulate spas and massage establishments by ordinance, adding another regulation to existing state laws regulating the practice of massage therapy, cosmetology, and other spa practices. There are also state laws regulating physician supervision of medical spa services, including dermatological services such as injection of Botox and services such as liposuction.