A Book Opening

Here's a dream that opened a book on energy medicine:

I actually rewrote the manuscript as part of Future Medicine and substitued some other text for this introduction.

I am the sherriff in a frontier town. Native American Indians are sitting on my porch, cross-legged, praying. I step into their midst, feeling the sacred vibrations, although I do not know for what they are praying. I enter my house to retrieve a hammer. Ostensibly, it is to repair something, although I know I may need it to ward off a tomahawk.

Suddenly, the townspeople approach. They want to fight these Indians. I defend the Indians to my people: "This is their land. They have the legal right to sit anywhere they please." Then we hear war rumblings in this distance. "Even now," I say, "many of our kinsfolk are being slaughtered. Remember them in your hearts, and let there be peace."

May the ideas and experiences recorded in this book serve as a hammer of love to ward off the tomahawks of rage and disbelief.