A Christmas Eve Dream

Whether one celebrates Christmas Eve or not, the power of millions of people focusing on peace is undeniable to someone who meditates. In fact, I had a powerful dream on Christmas Eve:

I dreamt I was in a small airplane, with people I knew somewhat from the ordinary walk of life. The plane was swiftly plummeting to the Earth, but nobody was particularly panicked. In fact, I was meditating and I could feel the vibration of subtle energy tingling up my spine and spreading through my whole being.

I was in a good place, except that one person kept talking to me with a non-stop chit-chat. (Who was this person--one of the chatterboxes that sometimes occupy adjacent seats? Or perhaps a symbol of the chatter of the mind?)

At any rate, the plane crashed, or rather crash-landed intact. The person besides was still talking! Most of the other passengers were dead. I wasn't sure if I was alive or dead; but it didn't matter, because I felt the same blissful energy either way. And if I was dead, the peace in my being felt wonderful, and the only issue was regret that I was unable to feel the same peace all the same time while living in the body.

Eventually the dream morphed and I was telling the crash survivors that we had to open the door and get out or we would freeze inside overnight. Outside there was a white blanket of snow (this being Christmas Eve, presumably, or my subconscious grabbing that bit of reality or part of a Bing Crosby refrain and inserting it editorially into the dream.) We went down this gentle slope and there was a colleague and friend, a doctor from the complementary and alternative medicine community, trudging up to the rescue. "We need help!" I shouted, and he acknowledged us and came forth.

I suppose in times of distress we are supported by our communities and that the dream acknowledged this fact and feeling of support, even in the plane crashes of life. And though the crashes do happen, regularly it seems, still we live through them and have the opportunity to tap into a deeper peace.

On that symbolic, archetypical level, every night is Christmas Eve, every plane crash has a rescue, and what lies inside -- the mind, the subconscious, Spirit, God, the Self -- irrespective of terminology, that living presence deeper than the ego, knows that we are safe, secure, loved, and nurtured through the deepest crises of life.

As a coda, I received this wonderful note this same Christmas Eve from a friend who follows the Islamic tradition. His blessing has unmistakable power and is perfectly in keeping with the theme of peace and divine support:
May your wishes and prayers come true soon. I also pray that your endeavors and selfless contributions towards generation of knowledge and establishment of justice and equity would be confirmed by blessings from on High.

As my teacher Rabbi Gelberman used to say, instructing us at the New Seminary in New York almost a decade and a half ago: "And so it is."
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