Cosmic Reunion

Economists say "assuming a world with no death or taxes." But in the dream state even more idiosyncratic assumptions are possible.

I am reminded of the Emperor who asked his best philosophers: am I man dreaming I was a butterfly, and am I butterly dreaming he is a man? Supposedly none of the courtiers could respond to the Emperor's satisfaction; but finally one, a sage, misshaped in eight directions, replied that neither the man nor the butterfly was real; the underlying reality was beyond all illusions.

Here are some highlights from last night's dream:

• Scientists were setting up a magnifying glass and radar to try to contact extra-terrestrials (something like the SETI (Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) project).

• I took a turn at the helm and invoked our ET friends. However, I did so by asking the group behind me to chant a polyphonic Om (said to be the primordial sound). I was asking for assistance in the form of wisdom for our Earth.

• They came, some in the forms of children and animals. Their form symboligically reminded me that playfulness, innocence, and humor -- not merely intellect -- are the marks of wisdom, signifying an evolved civilization.

• They also reminded me that Spirit helpers come in all frequencies. They are polyphonic and polymorphous, too.

• I saw that the oceans are like stage props. They can be moved at will by Spirit. It is easy to blow an entire section of ocean one way or another; land can swiftly sink into the waters or, just as likely, appear from the waters.MobiusAnts.JPEG

So, perhaps the real Atlantis will arise. (Not just the manufactured one on Paradise Island.)

Regarding polymorphism: I am reminded that Ray Kurzweil argues that other intelligences will arrive not in flyer saucers at the gross physical level, but in ships smaller than a dot, because they--like we someday soon--will have mastered nanotechnology. They may also use swarm technology to converge in recognizable shapes. (This is future science, not science fiction. Kurzweil is the recognized authority on converging trends in genomics, robotics and nanotechnology. Although Michael Crichton did publish a novel using the idea.)

When I asked about the meaning of the dream, I received the words, "Cosmic Reunion."