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Dreaming a Dream About Moses and Unity

Once in a great while I'm told to write down a dream and inclined to share it.

I am in an Arab country. I read a book called "Moshe B-yachad." (Moseh is Hebrew for Moses, and "yachad" means "together," "united," or "unity"). Mystical revelations on Mount Moab.

Sometimes, on awakening from a dream (particularly one that comes just before dawn, when I get up to feed the cats--a dream that leaps out of the unconscious and calls to my conscious mind, "write me"), I do take notes. Here in fact, I heard "write it down." I then I asked, 'what is the meaning of this dream?' I heard: "transmission from God on foreign soil."

Anyone who thinks this is strange should one of the most 'blogged' books of this year, The Singularity Is Near by Raymond Kurzweil. Called a "restless genius" as well as "successor to Thomas Edison," Kurzweil gets a lot of credibility in mainstream circles; he's also an alternative medicine afficionado who writes in his high-tech, reference-filled books about the value of lucid dreams. So go ahead, talk to your dreams, it's ok.

I went to bed thinking about corporate finance and then this message erupted from the depths of my psyche. It just reminds me of that old quote by the great hypnotherapist Milton Erickson: "Your conscious mind is very smart, and your unconscious mind is a lot smarter, so why not let IT do the work for a change?"

Note: I just learned that when Moses died, he was buried in Moab. So in the dream, Moses was receiving a transmission from the divine on foreign soil before he passed on. I suppose I was reading the book of Moses's mystical secrets regarding unity consciousness. Moses also means, "he who was drawn from water," and I heard a friend last night say that the place where we live is surrounded by water, so there is some identification. I may have missed my calling as Jungian therapist, but in any event, Moab is now part of Jordan, so I could have been connecting with a friend there.

Speaking of Kurzweil, in another recent meditation I saw that in the not too distant future, people would be connected by 'brain chips' via which they would be able to read each other's thoughts -- a development that will make today's cellphones seem primitive and raise tremendous privacy implications. (Also, we wouldn't want brain spam).

Am wondering whether brainchips would also be available to clue us in on telepathic frequencies to our pets and then perhaps to the ancestors and even Moses.

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