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Energy Healing Finds Support in Physics Theory of Parallel Universes

Skeptics scoff at the 'weakest link' in the integrative medicine chain, the notion of 'human energy fields' that have not, to date, found satisfactory scientific evidence of efficacy or mechanism.

Well it is true that there is no convincing clinical data that energy healing can shrink a tumor. And energy healing is rife with potential for abuse -- like all the healing arts. I canvassed some of these dangers extensively in Future Medicine.

But we do know that things such as "dark matter" exist.

Now the New York Times in "Oh, for the Simple Days of the Big Bang" (10/6/06) reports on how difficult it is in contemporary physics to gain consensus on any one theory of how the universe was created or even -- outside of what's known in Newtonian and quantum physics -- of how it works. In fact:

"...for followers of a controversial doctrine called the anthropic principle. There is no fundamental reason, they say, why the dark energy is so weak. It is just that if it were much stronger, space would have expanded too rapidly to harbor stars and, ultimately, life. The implication is that there is a multitude of possible universes, each with its own physics. Naturally, we are in one where it is possible for us to exist."

If parallel universes do theoretically (and practically) exist, might it not be possible for us to have contact with other selves through interdimensional portals?

But of course this is all unscientific mysticism and poppycock. But just perhaps, if this one universe vibrates on a mighty set of strings, as been proposed, there is some larger 'divinity that shapes our ends,' to quote Hamlet, or at least a force beyond the known single universe.

We are entering the age of remote controlled selves, droid companions indistinguishable from humans, and designer people (once the notion of hypoallergenic pets becomes commonplace), and perhaps clones. It's looking a lot different than it did even 5 years ago, so maybe we'll accept nano space companions from other dimensions as easily as these other marvels. It is only what the mind can conceive that makes a previously fixed reality stretch.

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