Floods, Draughts, Famine Ahead

Mary's Message to the World, published in the 1990's, predicted massive global failures, which could be averted by prayer.

At the time, being an avid reader of channeled material, I appreciated the warnings but found the predictions difficult to fathom.

Except to the scientists who are mystics, like Einstein, science and soul sometimes seem worlds apart. I turned to complementary and alternative medicine, holistic health care, meditation, and contemplative prayer to help bridge the gap - and to understand links between the practice of law, and the spiritual life.

Now the realities of channeling, prayer, meditation, visions, and those economics, politics, etc. - those disparate, distant worlds - appear to be converging. Particularly as climate change enters our discourse.

One wonders whether this once far-off topic will be as common among our children as was nuclear anxiety in our generation of young ones.

Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion tries to canvass some of the common ground between alternative medicine, and interest in alternative energy sources and the environment. The "green" movement has a lot in common with the "rose" movement, if we may borrow a metaphor from those who favor the rose light (or who are favored by it), rose being a chakra color associated with love. (For those who have no idea what is meant by 'chakra' or what it could possibly have to do with health care, see Future Medicine: Ethical Dilemmas, Regulatory Challenges, and Therapeutic Pathways to Health Care and Healing in Human Transformation). Maslow afficionados will also find flavor therein.

Sir Nicholas Stern, a distinguished development economist and former chief economist at the World Bank says that spending large sums of money now on measures to reduce carbon emissions will bring dividends on a colossal scale. Unfortunately, he tells us, much of the burden will fall on the developing world (particularly Africa) and it is up to us in the developed world to provide resources and infrastructure to help mitigate the disaster.

Stern apparently "believes 5-6 degrees of warming is a 'real possibility' for the next century." He predicts we'll all be a fifth worse off, unless we spend 1% now.