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Hands of Light

10 years after graduating from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I finally reclaimed my healership with a "7th-level seal" on Ooj.

Yes, Virginia: not only is there an aura, but it has several layers (or levels, or dimensions; my understanding is preliminary). Basically, in Brennan's system, which is the one I studied and the one that corresponds with the way I currently perceive, the seventh level is the golden, egg-shaped structure that marks our outer boundary.

Ooj (short for Ujayi) has had a little contact dermatitis, probably from seawater that we didn't thoroughly wash out of his system. He's been licking and chewing, so we took him to the vet for some necessary conventional care. (Remember, don't neglect the conventional for the alternative.)

After giving him his iodine antiseptics, antibiotics, and special shampoo it was time for a healing. I placed my hands above the wound and tuned in to the best available healing consciousness. I found myself channeling silver, silver-bluish, and finally lavender light. Then, I moved up through the layers of the energy field and found my hands sealing his 7th-level in golden light--just as I had learned in school back in 1996, on humans.

Ooj was glowing and so was I. It was amazing to be able to tune in and sense him meeting me on different levels of consciousness as the energy naturally attuned itself.

After it did appear that the wound was sealing, although of course this was not a controlled experiment and we have no idea which part of the causation to ascribe to the iodine, the antibiotic, the shampoo, or the 7th-level golden seal.

At any rate, here's a photo of Oooj helping me with a difficult yoga pose.2-06 006.jpg Notice the radiant light in the ice cubes which are no doubt his favorite food.

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