Love Train Dream

Now that the "peak oil" situation has been put in my awareness I keep seeing it pop up in the news.

So this is part of how "The Shift" will manifest. Climate change and a reversal of industrial culture as the jackpot energy source is gradually depleted down to zero.

Some years ago I received in meditation that my work would be highly appreciated in the year 2030.

Time is non-linear, so if you don't need the accolades right away--can remember that praise and blame are all the same--then 2030 is as good as the present moment. I imagine somewhere by then we'll be all clear. Some months ago I was in the Seven Stars bookstore in Cambridge, Massachusetts trying to find a book on 2020, which many are predicting will be the inauguration of a new age, and what I found was a book the author said was channeled from--surprise--her future grandson. So 2030 gives us ten more years of new consciousness.

Tonight I saw Archangel Michael cutting away the sticky filaments of a spider's web--the web represented the pain of false consciousness, of old buildings, of dead things that needed to be cut away.

Somewhere along these lines, here's a dream from 2004:

I am back in my Cedar Mountain House, this time with my wife. I show her how much distance we have from other houses. As I keep looking though different windows, however, the adjacent houses seem to be closer. We go upstairs and I show her everything I have left behind: papers, books, photos of my grandparents, mementos of my childhood. We begin to unpack for the weekend. I feels safe that I have locked all the doors. Suddenly someone enters through a screen door that had not been locked; then a whole family; then another.

It turns out I no longer own the house, since I had sold it; and the house has been rented for the weekend (one of the families goes upstairs). I realize I could be convicted for trespassing. I suggest to my wife that we hurry out, inconspicuously; another option is to pretend we have the authority to kick out these other families. I begin sweeping the remaining books and artifacts on the shelf--many from my early days in Hebrew school--into a large backpack. But then, I invite the families in, as we could each have our own space for the weekend. I am singing Hebrew melodies, like a cantor, from the synagogue. Then I sing a Motown tune: "Let all the world ... join me ... in a love train, love train....." I am jamming! I begin to dance with one of the families in a large circle, flapping my arms and stomping uproariously around the room.

My wife looks at me and lovingly smiles. We have our horizontal joy, and our vertical joy--we are simultaneously connected to the whole planet in love, and to God. I have found my purpose.

000a-Dream-of-jacob-q75-812x1113.jpg The invasion I so much feared and dreaded turns out to be nothing more than all of humanity joining me in an ecstatic celebration. The loneliness and alienation turn out to be self-created: life has these polarities, that other people in our circle can wound and harm, and other people can love and celebrate our essence, our life-force, our own expression as we are made in God's image.