My First Meeting with Obama

I had my first meet with Barack Obama last night. March 2, 2008 at 5 am.
Time travel. I learned about it in grade school through my 6th-grade science teacher who also studied Kabalah.

So now Barack was a kid, standing next to his sister. He was interested in other things--Popular Science, maybe, or theatre. (I'm not sure--I haven't read up on his background; this is from the dream.) He was quite a reader.

I asked Obama if he had read books about Abraham Lincoln. He said he had. I asked if had read the memoirs of John Adams, and about other presidents. I was careful not to mention presidents whom I knew from the future (my adult future, now), like Jimmy Carter, who had not yet been born as of the Barack's childhood. I didn't want to give away that I was visiting from the Future (which I was, whether as me, or somehow temporarily inhabiting the metaphysical body of a spirit guide.).

But why on Earth, Barack wondered, should he be interested in all those biographies?

Because Barack, I said, as the time capsule began clocking down to catapult my consciousness back forward through space-time, someday you might be President. He gave me a quizzical look, as if to say, 'it's impossible,' but then thought better of it, and I smiled, because in some small way, the idea of an idea had just been planted.
A few nights ago I had a vivid dream in which I met with Michelle Obama. I do not recollect the subject of the meeting. Odd -- the fact of the dream or visitation, that is -- because I am not (as of the 'present' moment, unless I too have been visited from somewhere upstream in space-time) particularly attuned to details of the candidacy.

Somewhere I am always thinking of snippets of a book by Ruth Montgomery, which I read over ten years ago, in which she predicted that the 2008 President would be a 'walk-in' soul who would lead Americans to safe places - he or she would be guided - when the Earth turns on its access.

Scientifically, technically, the Earth's polar tilt is called "precession of the equinoxes," another factoid gleaned from my childhood science teacher and it made a great impression on me then and lingered through to Ruth Montgomery. Is Obama the walk-in? He may be. I think so. 600px-Outside_view_of_precession.jpg (Image from Wikipedia). I'm not sure what 'walk-in' really means even after reading Ruth Montgomery. Plato wrote about the transmigration of souls, and he is also the undisputed king of deep thinkers so much that many say that 'all of philosophy is a footnote to his work.' Do souls move from body to body, either over time or during time? I don't know; I know the time the year 1969 disappeared while sitting in a tree reading King Solomon's Mines -- maybe scattering starseed across the galaxies -- I wrote of that in Friend of All Faiths. Still: did I visit him as a teacher? That would be presumptuous, perhaps, since we are around the same age; we might have crossed paths (physically or energetically) at Columbia or Harvard. To the hypercritical skeptic, the dream might be considered grandiose; to those comfortable with psychological reductionism, one better would be that the images expresses a profound truth from the unconscious contents of the psyche; and for those less reductionistic and more open still, perhaps a part of me was tapping into the collective unconscious; or more broadly yet, untethering my consciousness from the gate of awareness that resides in the ego and letting it free-float in the universal Mind.

Either way, it might be connected that I had spent part of the day drafting a letter to the FDA and revising the NCCAM (National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine) website's definition of energy medicine, which includes:
"Energy medicine" is a generic term for the domain of complementary medicine that "deals with energy fields of two types: veritable, which can be measured, and putative, which have yet to be measured.... Putative energy fields (also called biofields) have defied measurement to date by reproducible methods. Therapies involving putative energy fields are based on the concept that human beings are infused with a subtle form of energy. This vital energy or life force is known under different names in different cultures, such as ... prana, etheric energy ... and homeopathic resonance.
NCCAM, Backgrounder, Energy Medicine: An Overview (, accessed March 1, 2008). From the perspective of quantum physics, matter pops in and out of existence at the subatomic level all the time, so why not consciousness since energy and matter are roughly equivalent as Einstein mathematically proved subject only to a multiplier at the speed of light? What is interesting is that one can connect at light-speed irrespective of politics or policy.

As to the physical meeting that may eventual issue from the realm of consciousness, I have learned that energy precedes matter, and that travels in the universal mind have their own pathways teaching us that the biography of mortals is prepublished in the ethers.
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