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Spirituality Missing in Psychotherapy

Spirituality is missing in psychotherapy, according to Whole Life Times in The Soulful Shrinks: Exploring the Spiritual in Psychotherapy.

This is also a big topic in Healing at the Borderland of Medicine and Religion, which discusses regulation of spiritual healing, and notes:

"an emphasis on healing in spiritual terms presents particular challenges to clinicians and researchers by bringing the "frontier" of the new healthcare to the fore, the borderland between medicine and religion.

"With the penetration of integrative care into modern medicine, such challenges are increasing, not diminishing. Although historically, the phenomenon of spiritual healing emerged as a religious practice within the context of specific religious traditions and has traditionally been ascribed only to mystics, saints, and holy persons,
According to Whole Life Times's article on spirituality in psychotherapy:

"Enter the world of spiritual psychology. Instead of simply analyzing how you behave, why you react and what unconscious motivations influence you, spiritual psychology explores who you really are and what your soul is meant to do in this lifetime. The result? For many people, deep and permanent healing.

"In a nutshell, traditional psychology works in three realms of reality: physical, mental and emotional. Spiritual psychology adds one more to the mix--True Self. By uncovering your authenticity, you discover your capacity for love, compassion, peace, acceptance and joy....

"The path to awareness can vary widely depending on the type of spiritual psychology, but every modality believes in combining the powers of psychology's logical leanings with the universality of the spirit...."

The article also describes hypnotherapy and use of hypnotherapy to explore 'previous lives:'

"Past life therapy returns the patient to the point of death to re-live it and eliminate the unresolved questions."

Rather helpfully, the piece provides balance in noting that: "And just as traditional therapy benefits from the spiritual exploration, the soul's journey needs real-life grounding."

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